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Introducing Decameron Project Accounts, the next chapter of our mission to connect, inspire, and empower young people through the power of storytelling. 

What can I do with an Account? Creating an account lets you connect directly with the author of any story on The Decameron Project platform, and lets them connect with you. Start a one-on-one conversation, or reply to one, in a single centralized place. Scroll down to the bottom of any story or stories you enjoy to start a conversation with that author –– be it about the writing, your experiences, or anything else you want to discuss. Make friends with people across the country and world through your shared love of storytelling.

Who’s allowed an account? Your story is your ticket to create an account: if you’ve submitted a story, you can request one. 

How do I create an account? Scroll down and fill out the form to receive an access code –– we’ll validate you’ve submitted a story and send you instructions on creating an account. If you haven’t submitted a story, don’t worry –– click the top right of the screen to submit one now.

Do I have to create an account to publish a story? No! We’ll publish your stories whether you have an account or not.

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