5 Minutes

5 minutes. That’s all they had. They had five minutes to spill every single emotion they felt about each other. Diamond tears fell from Faye’s eyes as she saw an ethereal Élise lay on the lavender grass, her emerald iris slightly hooded, and a scarlet liquid slowly pouring out of her right hip. If Faye was being honest with herself, this was the most at peace she has ever seen her luxurious friend throughout the entirety of their friendship. The watermelon pink mascara slowly fell from Élise’s pupils as she slightly coughed. The sun radiated a pure, iridescent marigold glow which only made the two friends make more diamond tears. They’ve always talked about wanting to see the sunset together as they made their permanent departure from earth. They Just didn’t know it was going this soon. Faye emitted a loud sound from the bottom of her lungs to wake her friend up. 1 minute gone.

4 minutes. They had four minutes to express the great anger they had for another. Faye’s eyes turned a light salmon color from all of the diamond tears she drained from her eyes. Élise slightly moved her sepia hand onto Faye’s tawny face and coughed the words “I’m so sorry.” Faye then felt a lump in her throat and only screamed more. Faye then screamed the words “Don’t you dare leave me”. Élise then coughed up more crimson liquid as Faye rambled on about their so-called hopes and dreams they had planned. She hollered about how the world was a beautiful cruel place and how it should have been her and not Élise. She just wanted her friend to be safe, she didn’t care about her own well-being. She screamed and pleaded for the universe to spare her friend. She became angry at herself on how she failed her job as a friend. 2 minutes gone.

3 minutes. They had three minutes to express their persistent sadness towards each other. Diamond tears started to trickle down the sides of Élise’s sepia face as a train of watermelon pink mascara quickly followed. A lapis shade started to rush down Faye’s cheeks as she started to bawl her eyes out, questioning the universe why they cursed her friend and not herself. Élise regretted not telling Faye about how much she loved her before she left earth forever. She wanted to tell her how pretty her tawny skin looked during the suns’ final moments during the day. She wanted to tell her how her hickory eyes shined during the moons’ brightest times. She wanted to escape reality with Faye. Élise silently sobbed to herself as more and more of the watermelon pink mascara fell from Élise’s emerald eyes as more crimson liquid crept out of her plump, rouge lips. Then, three tragic minutes passed slowly. 

2 minutes. Two minutes to discuss their guilt towards each other. The guilt they felt that they never got to run away together. The guilt of never having formal goodbyes. As time dreadfully passed, the two friends could not make anymore diamond tears but they somehow managed to produce more each second, leaving a trail of  either watermelon pink or lapis stains forming on their cheeks. Élise looked at her sorrowing friend and she felt so selfish. She had no real idea on why her friend was crying. Was she sad? Was she angry? Was she griefing? She then moved her emerald eyes to her right hip and saw the crimson liquid spewing out of her. And then, it all came back to her. It was her time. Her time on earth was officially ending. She was going to leave her friend forever, only hoping to see her again in the afterworld.  Four dreadful minutes passed.

1 minute. One minute to express their everlasting love for each other. Faye took one final look at her dying friend. She was so mad at herself for allowing her friend to die. She wished it was her. She wished that she could transfer all the pain that Élise was feeling onto herself. The slight breeze moved the lavender grass and Élise’s marmalade locks away from her face. She took one look at her passing friend. The faint sandstone freckles on her cheeks, her hooded emerald eyes, her faint watermelon pink mascara, her plump rouge lips. Two of Faye’s diamond tears landed on Élise’s fain’t strawberry cheeks and planted a small, gentle kiss on her temple. Then Élise’s emerald eyes turned wide and pine, and her skin went from a sepia shade to a shivering sand shade. Élise has officially taken her departure from earth. Their five minutes were up. Five sorrowful, downhearted, disparaging minutes passed.

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