A Chance for All

I keep falling

No matter how careful I am

But someone always trips me

Yet I never scram


I keep falling

Every time I get back up

Because something ties my feet to the ground

And I got no backup


I keep falling

Whenever I speak the truth

Never lied, never cheated

Not even in my youth


But I still keep falling

And I always wonder why

Am I not good enough?

How many times do I have to try?


I keep falling

 Even when I thought I reached the top

And they pull me down

And they will never stop


So, why did I try so hard?

For people who already made up their minds

Of who will win, who will lose

At this game of our lives


Even though everything is handed to them

And they never have to try

Even though they always cheat

And lie, and lie


I will always get back up

No matter how many times I fall

Because someday I’ll make a change

A change where there’s a chance for all

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