A Hero Has Fallen

She was always in a battle not just physically, but mentally. She was a tall, young woman with luminescent eyes that caught your attention when you looked at her. She had fought in the army as a soldier. Two years ago she was at war trying to attack the enemy when everything changed. She got shot in the leg multiple times which resulted in amputation. Those moments repeated in her head daily as she encountered so many obstacles as she learned her new way of life with a disability. She was a tough girl and nothing would get in her way. She had a strong will and was a fighter. Challenges were like a drug to her that she could not live without it. No one knew what was completely going on inside her head and why she had this huge passion for fighting and serving her country. It all started when she was young. 

    Nearly three years after her injury she was very doubtful that she would ever serve in a war again. Many people doubted her ability to gain the strength and endurance she needed to re-enter active duty.  She had been called a cripple and brushed aside as a disabled soldier. She hated it. She felt like people treated her like she had more than a physical disability.  She didn’t like the attention and the looks people would give her because she had a robotic leg. The struggle inside her head was larger than the disability itself. She reflected back to how as a kid,  people made fun of her for being manly and built larger like a guy and doubted her ability to be disciplined enough to qualify as a soldier. Those statements and disbeliefs had driven her to be who she was today and gave her courage to enlist in the military.  So going against everyone’s idealogy of what a soldier should look like she decided to enlist again as an amputee. She was strong and had overcome so much. No one could stop her. 

     Upon learning that she was accepted to go to war again, she felt in her stomach a feeling she had never felt before. She started to worry and doubt that she wasn’t good enough and that she may not make it this time. She pushed through her negative mindset because she had no way to turn back. Once enlisted you can’t just change your mind. So using a positive outlook and digging deep inside to that strong will that had helped her to get this point she moved forward and deployed to war again. While there during battle she glanced over her shoulder and saw that an enemy was aiming straight at her comrade. She felt the adrenaline surge and ran at the back of the enemy in an effort to stop the shooting. The enemy turned and shot her with the bullet hitting her in the chest. She knew that she was not going to make it. In her last moments  she reflected on all of the challenges and doubts from others, but felt satisfied knowing she was dying fighting for her country and as proof that if you have a positive mindset and don’t let what others say stop you from doing your best many things are possible. A hero had fallen.

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