A Night to Remember

11:00 pm

She wore her tightest dress and pulled her hair back, half up half down. It was curled to perfection. She wore the most beautiful pair of diamond earrings her mother owned. “Honey” her mother said “Your ride is here”. “Ok mom, I’ll be there in a minute” She sat there contemplating everything she had on, if she looked good enough, if people would look at her differently. She was known as that quiet and smart girl who kept to her small circle, but tonight she was this outgoing beautiful girl. She ran down the steps and gave her mom a big hug. “Be very careful and don’t hesitate to call.” She walked right out the door not answering her mother, not knowing that would be the last time seeing her. She got in the front seat with Sam Johnson, the quarterback for the football team. He was amazed with how beautiful she looked that he grabbed her for a kiss. She hesitated and pulled away but she didn’t realize his friends in the back. As they started to laugh, she grabbed him and continued to amaze him. They arrived at this big mansion where she took Sam’s hand and walked into the party. When they walked in everything got quiet, everyone was confused with who this girl was. 

“Is that Carrie?” “OMG no way!” “Wow, Sam must be lonely.”’

As she heard all the comments Sam whispered in her ear “They are just jealous, lets have some fun.” This made her feel special, she walked with Sam to the kitchen. Sam got her a few drinks as she watched him and his friends tip the kegs, played many rounds of cup pong, and a few rounds of shots. She even joined in on the rounds of shots. She was having so much fun. But, that would soon end. 

3:15 am

People were starting to leave and Sam and his friends were ready to drop Carrie home. As they got in the car Carrie realized they were all drunk. She quickly told Sam they can’t drive under the influence. “You’re such a dork, Sam has driven way drunker than he is right now” said Sam’s best friend Leo. Carrie didn’t want Sam to think she was a dork so she quickly laughed it off “Yea. Ok.” As they were driving the car was swerving left and right. Carrie’s mom kept calling but Carrie didn’t know how to tell her mom she was on her way home without her realizing they were all drunk. Carrie silenced her phone and started falling asleep as the car was swerving. Sam’s friends were all passed out and so was Carrie. Sam was starting to fall asleep. The car swerved off the overpass and onto the main road beneath them. They all died from the impact of the crash. And Carrie’s phone was still ringing. As the car was falling Carrie remembered her mother’s last words to her, “Be very careful and don’t hesitate to call.” She thought in that split-second “Why didn’t I call her?” 

Carrie was only 17, Sam and his friends just turned 18. One decision destroyed their lives.

Moral of the Story: Your life can change in a split-second due to the choices we make. We should think twice before we follow thru on our actions.

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