A Stained Glass Window

 Water trickled down the Stained Glass window as the rain poured outside. It seeps through the cracks of the window that was shattered, solely being held together by pure willpower alone. Though shattered and filled with colors, the image seen through the window is nearly perfect and clear. Through that window is a different world, something more inviting, more exciting, and more peaceful.

      Beautiful hills & mountains that reached incredible heights, well-preserved nature living a healthy and happy life. It’s truly almost magical, it feels safe and welcoming despite the presence of natural weather phenomenons. Dark, gloomy clouds have captured the sun, hiding it away from the innocent residents, who simply wanted to enjoy their time while they could. The clouds are dense, showering the landscape below with heavy tears, a burden they were forced to carry because the residents tended to ignore negative emotions. Despite all that the territory remains calm and serene, home to many different types of people, rich with knowledge and emotions, but incredibly careful not to let the positivity slip. It was a different world, possibly much different from your own, mainly because it all centered around the view of the window.

    Early mornings were filled with sweet smiles and delicious breakfast foods, laughter and warmth filled the window town, a constant and peaceful routine. Opening her eyes to sees the bright sun, smells the blueberry muffins she would have for breakfast, feels her soft sheets beneath her, and hears the soft music play in her room as it always did. Rising out of her bed she goes to close her curtains to keep out as much light as possible, she preferred the dark or as much of it as she could get in a town that loved positivity and light. She also didn’t like looking out the window, it was always her staring out, wishfully thinking, no one ever came to save her, to look inside to see her world. She turned up her music as she started to get herself ready for the day, a stark contrast to the bright pale blue walls of her room were purple, black, and white decorations, accompanied by handmade paintings and posters that displayed her interests. She readied herself in darker-colored clothing, being sure to add just a little color to satisfy the lively positivity that her town tried so hard to maintain even if she was in the comfort of her own home. The petite girl attempted to cover up any signs of anger, annoyance, or sadness that she was filled with when completing her irritating routine, negative emotions were frowned upon but she so dearly wanted to embrace them. 

   This was a world where everyone could be happy and everyone was happy, there were no negative emotions, no hate, no anger, no sadness, add most slight annoyance but all in good fun. Negative emotions weren’t allowed to show if they weren’t shown then they didn’t exist and if they didn’t exist then there would always be peace. With this being her reality she wasn’t very sure how to express herself any longer, she painted, she sung, she wrote out her feelings in the form of poetry and song, she was talented and confident yet insecure all at the same time. Eating with family daily chore along with completing school and educational bouts and interacting with other people, it all drained her energy, she was tired, so massively tired that it hurt. There was nothing she could do, for this was her fate, this was her world and there was no escape, she looked through her window clean and pristine as a shooting star passed in the sky and desired a different world, one that wasn’t as serene. The next day she woke and looked between her clear and pristine window near her bed and the shattered stained glass window across her room she saw parallels, different worlds, her reality and the one she hoped to achieve. As stared at her stained glass window on the other side of the room was shattered though it somehow held itself together, in a way it was just like her so she took it as a message. She would embrace all of her emotions whether they were negative or positive, and she would get those around her to do the same whether they realized it or not.  She had friends and people she cared about, people she felt could understand her, but they were all different. She wasn’t scared and she had made up her mind so all that was left that’s for them to follow her lead.

     She knew that she desperately wanted a place in this world, but she wasn’t lucky enough to have a given to her, as positive as the world was it was ironically very cruel. Using this information she concluded that she may not have been given a proper place, but if that was the case she might as well make one for herself. She set out on a mission to find out what made her friends tick, she needed Intel and to observe so they would not only admit to her their real feelings but to themselves as well. If she could do that it would give her purpose and a place to feel needed, not only would she be free but those she held near would share her fate and maybe they could finally be happy. 

Whether she succeeded in her mission has not yet been discovered, but she is still trying and working hard to do so though it seems she’s making progress. It was a part of her mission, she wanted to inspire, to get her message out to those in different worlds, their world. She knows that everyone is different so maybe a small peek into how she lived may offer insight to others in similar situations, or at least let them know that they are not alone and they could find a place to. She knew that keeping things in would only end in self destruction, something she was so close to before that little star guided her to a new resolve. She wanted to think about what it would feel like to be someone else, but that’s much too hard especially because she can barely be herself. While she is determined she may still wonder what it’s like to see the world through someone else’s eyes, but I’m sure we all felt that way at least once in our lives.

     Walking in someone else’s shoes is much easier said than done. How can you truly see the world through someone else’s eyes, you don’t have their experiences, their emotions, or their thoughts, you simply have their words. Yet their words can hold so much weight, they can tell a story, give you a small look into something different, something that you have never seen before. Every person is unique, similar stories can be told in completely different ways, with words you can seldom be bored if they’re used the right way. When using the right words you can deliver a message, help individuals visualize exactly what you want them to. You can create a window for the world to see, to show them even just a peek into your world; The world beyond your window.

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