We just couldn’t stay inside anymore. I had to get out, this Covid virus shutdown was driving us crazy. I knew about the land beyond our property, but had forgotten what it looked like. The excitement at home making puzzles, blankets and baking wasn’t amusing anymore. I went to the land as a little girl with my older brother but haven’t gone back since. We’ve heard stories that the owner had a gun and an attack dog.  But we wanted the excitement, so we left the house for a great adventure. We hopped the fence and walked up excited but very nervous because of all the stories that we’ve heard. As we finally reached the top, our eyes saw the most beautiful land that was open and had trees surrounding. We immediately forgot about the owner and ran out to experience the beauty. There was an old abandoned barn that we saw that was too scary to look inside, so we passed it. We realized that there was more land farther than we were. We hesitated about going farther but we didn’t want to leave, so we carefully kept walking but we were worried about being caught. We even made an escape plan to run into the forest just in case someone sees us. Part of me knew to go back, but the other half couldn’t resist the adventure. As we kept walking, I saw someone on a horse, almost patrolling the land and we stopped in silence. We kept going and suddenly saw this other half of the land that was even more beautiful than this one. But we knew that it was time to go back since it was getting dark. As we made our way back, my older brother called me and asked where we were and as I told him, he shouted through the phone and told us to get out of there fast. Apparently, he was there with friends a few days ago and they got caught and yelled at harshly by the owner to never come back. This made me scared to go back because my brother is very adventurous and never gets sacred. Finally when we got home, we were relieved to see everyone. The next day, my mom got a letter in the mail that said don’t come on my property again, because the last person who trespassed mysteriously disappeared.

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