An excerpt from translation of the 21st Century text, The Bible of Gygax.

Oxford archive of early Terran galactic interactions:

Excerpt from translation of the 21st Century text, The Bible of Gygax:

Gygaxican Account of Creation

First there was the It, an amalgamation of everything that ever will be, and everything that will never be, a material of impossible possibilities. Then it was molded into an empty void by the hands of God. God then made Time, a measurement of itself.

On the first day God shaped the It into the Space, the one thing to fill the infinite void. Then God made the stars, to light the space. God made the planets of earth, so that God could see something, for God could not see anything.

On the second day God made water, something to wet the hard earth to make it easier to work. Then God used the wetted earth to shape it into a planet, and named it Earth. God poured water on the Earth, and made the Oceans of the excess water. God finished the second day by enhancing the Earth with mountains, plains, and valleys. 

On the third day God created Life, something to watch. God first made plants, but was bored with them, then God made animals, and many of them, so God would have many to watch, but was bored with them again. Finally God made Man to be like God, so that God could watch him, someone with God’s own intelligence.

On the fourth day God created Woman, another for Man to interact with, so that God would be entertained. God then grew bored with them, so God gave the Choice. 

On the fifth day Man and Woman were given a choice from God, be happy on Earth, or Sin and learn what Sin is. 

On the sixth day Man and Woman chose, and learned what sin was, and were cursed to continue to entertain god. Then Man and Woman made more humans, just as God made them. 

On the seventh day God grew bored with Humanity, the entity that was an amalgamation of all Humans, so God gave Humanity three gifts. The first gift was the Saber of Light, a gift that could kill, and destroy anything, so that God could watch what Humanity would do with there own power. Next God gave the Hoe of Stone a tool so that Humanity could mold and shape their world, just as God had. Finally God gave Humanity the Book of Vellum, so that Humans could create worlds and characters for their entertainment, just as God made Humanity for his. Then God said “Do what you want with these gifts I have given you.”

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