Autumn Outside My Window

A gentle breeze swept past my face,

as I gazed outside at the beautiful scenery. 

The sun glowed and greeted me,

as a smile spread across my face.

The crisp scent of autumn reminded me,

 of the taste of caramel.

The noises of acorns dropping,

branches snapping, and the swoosh 

of leaves filled my ears.

Autumn gave us a shower of leaves.

As the trees stand there bored and bare.

Every morning I peered through my window but,

I have never felt this pleasant feeling.

The laughs of my neighbors,

the smell of freshly baked cookies and,

the kids jumping in big piles of leaves

reminded me of home.

The warm feeling,

when I glance at the colors of the leaves,

red, orange, and yellow.  

The pumpkins beaming at me,

with the excitement of my favorite holiday,


The smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie and pistachio coffee

made my stomach grumble

as the cozy feeling of autumn filled the air. 

Goodbye, summer.

Hello, autumn

Winter is rolling around,

but not yet. 

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