Back to my sleepy sheep

At first I hated that I had to listen every once in a while to what my mother told me by  counting the sheep and go to sleep, because I really couldn’t do so, as much time passed thinking everyone was asleep and I was still the only one awake ,”there was a curse on me or am I not one  Humans?”, I kept staring at that red lamp that made to not be terrified of the dark, kept thinking “what if I wasn’t really their son, why should I have such a name, and why should I call myself like that” , remembered my uncle who told me that this was not  my real name and my parents adopted me or something but I couldn’t believe it at first ,but after he grabbed me to tell me that I have to believe and he can prove it by dreaming, “I will tell you that your parents  in the dream are different from the real ones”, I was more afraid that was  true ,that I’ve lived my life a lie, I didn’t want to know the truth so I kept keeping my parents  away from me and pretending to sleep in order to escape, I was completely awake and terrified that I would sleep afterwards and find out more that I didn’t want to know, that’s when my hands started to slack  With my eyes shutting their windows  as I thought, then i could see their features but they kept walking and they didn’t pay me  attention as much as I thought, “son, you should follow me”, that’s all he kept saying to me, then they stopped in the middle of the road and she pointed to a pile of pictures, I realized they were trying to tell me something about my origin She told me to look  About the picture I was in the hospital with my mum and dad, and the light kept getting brighter the more I reached it,  finally found what leads me to pray. It was the picture I wanted to see from the beginning to reassure my heart. It was already there in reality, so all they told me” was to go look, you’ll find it! ” Then I woke up from a dream, it was something I hadn’t had for a long time, so I hurried to look in our photo album and I found it was the first picture of me and this indicates my mom and dad were keeping a picture of me proving that I was their real son, and I was really an idiot thinking I’m not, I went to hug them since the early morning and thanked them in my heart for what they have found in my emotions of love for them.

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