Be the change you seek to see

I sat up in bed and I saw my mom from my window taking groceries out of the car. She was carrying at least 5 bags and some soda. I was more concerned about the soda than anything else because it’s my favorite kind. I see mom walk up to our creaky front steps and she trips. The trip wasn’t hard but as my mom came back up from the ground and noticed the soda and some groceries all over the floor, she stepped in the broken eggs as she got up and I saw the tears in her eyes. I’ll admit I laughed when I saw her trip. My mom picked as much as she could and headed into the house. When I heard the creaky door open I went to check to see if my mom is ok.

As mom rushes to put the groceries on the counter she stumbles over the toys that I didn’t pick up. As her face turns red I turn around and run upstairs. After about 1 or 2  hours mom calls me down for dinner and we talked about picking up our things and helping out more. I asked if we could watch a movie, mom said yes. I wanted to watch a pg-13 movie but mom chose something baby-ish for crying out loud I am 71/2! Mom said I have to go to bed because there is school tomorrow. I had a hard time sleeping though because I can hear my mom crying and I don’t know why maybe it’s because I didn’t pick my toys up or maybe because we keep getting this paper on our front door with big red ink on it.

When I woke up I got dressed and headed to the car so mom can drive me to school. Since I get home before mom, my babysitter’s there and I told her I have to go do Hw but I was really going to play video games. I opened my window for some air and I see my moms car smoking. The babysitter rushed out to see what’s going on and I followed. My mom was crying and I overheard her say someone did what’s called a hit and run. to sarah, my babysitter. I don’t know what that means, but I do know my mom is upset and I must hug her! I run to her but she is on the phone and yelling at the person she is calling so I yield back.

I went upstairs to do my homework before mom finds out I didn’t before. A little bit later Mom yelled up “what do you want for dinner?” I yelled back,  Chinese food! It was really good but my favorite thing was the fortune cookie I got. It said “Be the change you seek to see” and every day since I followed that quote and me and my mom live the best life we can.

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