Beau the Survivor

Easter 2015 was the worst Easter of my life. My family and I woke up bright and early Easter Sunday and opened up our Easter baskets. Our baskets were filled to the top with candy, little trinkets, and all our favorite gum. We ate our candy all morning until our stomachs hurt and then got ready for church. My siblings and I sat through mass patiently waiting for our annual family brunch afterwards. We drove home fast, excited to devour my dad’s special scrambled eggs and bacon. We finished our meals and sat around and watched some home videos. Now that it was almost four in the afternoon it was time to head over to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner. Every year, my grandma brings a pair of bunny ears and baskets for everyone in the family. We run around the yard looking for little hidden easter eggs and the winner always gets a big prize. Even though all of my cousins are older now, we still enjoy this tradition just as much as we did when we were kids. We had a wonderful dinner and now that we were all in food comas it was time to go home and go straight to bed. My family piled in the car and drove home after an eventful day. We pulled into the driveway and ran inside to greet our dogs after being away for hours. However, we opened the door and only one of our dogs was standing there waiting for us. This is very unusual. We nervously walked upstairs calling my other dog’s name. I hear my mom gasp as she was the first to see my dog, Beau, lying on the kitchen floor unconscious. The kitchen chairs were knocked over and his body felt cold. We immediately called the emergency vet and said we would be on our way. My dad picked up Beau and jumped in his truck faster than I have ever seen. My mom told my siblings and I to go to bed because there was nothing we could do, but as my sister walked into her room she saw what had happened. She left a big pack of gum open on her bed and Beau ate every last piece of it, which is poisonous to dogs. I waited up all night to hear updates but there was no news except that he was not doing good. Finally after three days of visiting and crying the vet said he got much better and could come back home. The vet said it was a miracle that he lived. He said just five pieces of that gum would have killed a dog Beau’s size. Beau ate fifty five pieces. I think everyday about how that day could have ruined my life because Beau was my best friend.

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