Inside of my window,

I am a fourteen year old immigrant from Nepal,

with an immigrant family that has supported me no matter what.

However, outside of my window:

The nation has turned a new page,

from Republican to Democrat,

From an administration of turmoil to that of relief

Joe Biden has become president.

But it still feels like nothing has changed,

It feels like we still have a hill to climb,

It feels so close,

But the top seems farther than the Moon.

A union has been divided 

like a coconut cracked open,

Both racially and politically

From what has been grained into its history 

for 400 years,

A grain that has grown large enough to dismantle its entire society

The predicament seemed to have been solved ages ago.

But it’s never been solved.

It’s never been gone.

Will it never be solved?

Will it actually never be gone?

Will it always stay the same?

Will racism always be a part of people?

The capitol building was stormed previously.

It might not have been stormed again,

But the people are still there.

They supported a man who was ignorant, egotistical, and a racist.

However, there are those who stand for justice,

Those who are trying to fix the injustice,

But it is impossible to do it divided,

A union is made of unity,

And this is the United States of America.

Nothing is supposed to be impossible.

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