Frederick: Hi my name is Frederick and I would like you to meet my dog peeps.

Susan: aww hi peeps its nice to meet you. And hi Frederick my name is Susan and its very nice to meet you and your dog.

Frederick: yes it sure is. Well what are you doing at a dog park, cause you seem like you have no pet.

Susan: Well I thought I would meet new people and maybe become an animal person.

Peeps the dog: “she doesn’t like animals what in the world!”

Susan:ahhhhh, your dog can speak?!

Frederick: yeah he sure can and I think you upset him with the whole not having and animal part.

Susan: I’m sorry peeps, I just moved and I want an animal but I just don’t know what animal I should get.

Peeps: I myself suggest getting a dog as myself I am a dog. Were really good companions for humans. Woof woof.

Susan: yeah but I just don’t know if I should get one or two if I get a dog.

Frederick: Well before peeps says anymore I would suggest sticking with one dog in the beginning and then moving on up to two dogs. Or even get a cat to keep ur dog some company.

Peeps: woof! Grrrr, no cats not at all….

Susan: why do you say that peeps?

Peeps: Like I was saying no because us dogs dislike cats with a passion.

Susan: But you can train the dog and cat to love and get along with each other.

Peeps: I still say no on my part because I dispise cats myself.

Frederick: I’m sorry if peeps is making you more anxious on picking and animal but I would just go with a dog first then decide whether or not you want another. Like peeps my dog said dogs are really good companions and thats true but if you both get mad at one another it gets chaotic. 

Peeps: I’m getting mad now because its very hot out here at this dog park and I really wanna chase a cat up a tree.

Susan: thats not nice.

Peeps: I don’t feel like being nice. I might just chase you up a tree since you don’t have an animal.

Susan: I plan on it, I came to the dog park to get opinions and knowledge on whether or not I should get a dog.

Peeps: you should and thats all I’m saying from now on.

Frederick: I’m so sorry Susan for peeps rudeness to you. How about we switch numbers and text or call me when you have decided on what you wanna do.

Susan: Thank you Frederick, I would gladly do so. Just know I’m not gonna get a talking animal.

Peeps: And whys that miss Susan??

Susan: first I thought you said you were not gonna say anything more. And second is because they could be a smart mouth to me and then the dog would be mad at me for putting them in timeout.

Frederick: you don’t put your dog in timeout you put them outside and don’t let them back in until they can behave or don’t let them sleep with you at night. 

Susan: but thats the same thing as putting them in a timeout.

Frederick: not really because dogs love going outside to run and get freedom, and not letting them sleep in there favorite spot just makes them know they upset you.

Susan: oh so its basically just a lesson.

Frederick: exactly my point. But other than that they are very fun to talk to when you have no one else, and they give good advice. Well sometimes.

Susan: that sounds very convincing but I just rather not hear chatter all day long.

Peeps: we don’t chatter all day long like you humans think. We like to have our space and quite times too, but when we’re bored and want affection we will bother you at anytime. 

Susan: even if I’m in an important meeting?

Pees: yes, even then. Frederick: well it was nice meeting you and I hope you decide soon. Like I said just send me a text or call when you have decided.

Susan: it was nice meeting you too, and I will take you up on that offer and call you when I have decided. 


Susan: I have decided on a talking dog and cat!Frederick: thats sounds good Susan! We should sometime go on a dog park date if you would like.

Susan: yes that sounds brilliant! Peeps can meet Felicia. She’s so cute and very sweet. 

Frederick: I can’t wait!

Peeps: woof! Woof! I am excited too!

Susan: alright well see you two soon.

Frederick & Peeps: alright! Bye.


Susan: hi Frederick, I’m glad you could make it. I just want to thank you and Peeps for helping me find a true companion.

Frederick: I’m glad we could help. And you were right she is a very beautiful dog. And you said she can talk right.

Felicia: yes i can talk! Peeps: I’m in love.

Frederick: peeps you just met her, so how could you be in love. But wow. She has an amazing voice box.

Susan: yeah I was surprised when I picked her up. At first I thought she couldn’t talk but she surprised me with a beautiful voice like hers.

Peeps: yeah very beautiful.Frederick: alright I’m sorry for such a short date but I’m sure you don’t want my dog drooling all over your dog.

Susan: its okay I need to get home anyways to feed my cat. It was a pleasure to see you once more. Goodbye my friend.

Frederick: Goodbye.

Peeps: woof woof no…

Felicia: bye Peeps.

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