Control Alt DELETE

Chapter One:

           As we had just arrived at the store with Brian I got a call from my evil witch mother, Karol. 

          Answering the phone, I asked, “Yes mother?”

           “Allie I’m gonna need you and your boyfriend to come over later and help me move,” she said.

           “Why me mother?” I asked with sass to my voice.

            “Allie, I’m getting tired of you and your perfect self thinking you’re better than everyone. If you’re not here by noon you’ll regret it. She said before hanging up on me.

            I roll my eyes and continue with my day, what’s the worst she could do? Nothing at all. 

            “Who was that baby?” asked Brian.

            “Just work,” I tell him.

            Brian knows how me and my mother are. It all started when I was 13, she got mad at me and left me alone in the basement in the pitch dark to punish me. I was so young and scared to death. After that whenever she would get mad at me, she’d hit me and throw me down to the basement. Brian has always had hate for my mother also, so whenever she calls I simply just lie so he doesn’t have to deal with it.

             As we’re in the store we both got hungry and ate some food at the Fresh Kitchen restaurant. By the time we had finished, it was already 1:36 pm. Stupid Karol wanted me there at 12, it’s too late for that now, Brian and I just go home.

             When we make it home, we start watching a movie. Brian cooked the popcorn while I made the couch comfy. 

              “I’m so excited to watch this movie babe. It looks so good!,” Brian exclaimed.

               “Yes! I’m  to just see what happened at the end already.” I said back. 

               “What’s it called again?” asked Brian.

               “I think it’s called Control Alt Delete,” I said back.

               “Ah, well it sounds interesting-” Brian almost said.

               The lights started to flicker and there was thunder outside but no rain. Brian goes to check the power generator in the basement to see what had happened. I start looking around the house wondering what was happening, and then I get a text from my phone I open it as I read:

               From Karol: “I told you you’d regret it.”

               I look at it as my heart starts beating 100 beats per second. 

               “Brian! Come back- ” I yell.

                *BANG* I started running towards to basement I finally get there and there’s nothing but bla- 

                 At that moment my mother was in charge.

Chapter Two:  

          About 2 hours later I regained consciousness. I look to the left of me to see Brian still tied up. And then hear this lady laughing.. mother.

           “What have you done Mother?” 

           “Goodness Allie I advised you to be at my place by 12pm Sharp,” as my mom rubs the tip of what resembles a blade out of the kitchen. “Also, you resisted my requests and figured you could escape without turning in to me. Now because you didn’t want to listen to me your little boyfriend here Brian has to be tied up. What’s more, this dark fluid here is poison and each time you don’t do as I say Brian here gets one drop in his mouth. Allie, we both realize you love him without question, so in the event that you would prefer not to see him endure and kick the bucket directly before your eyes I recommend you tag along and play my little game. It’s very basic; you should simply tune in and do as I state. It all sounds simple right?”

            “So your first assignment is….and trust me I’ve been sitting tight for this one throughout the day. “

           She then points at a weapon and looks at me with her evil eyes to go and grab it. 

          “In any case, mother, I have done nothing to you for what reason would you wanna treat me this way?”

          “Allie it’s Simply that you imagine that you are better than every other person and that since you have an ideal life you can treat me at any rate you need. “

          “Mother I Don’t understand-”

          She cuts me off and looks at me deeply in my eye. 

          “Well you can’t get the firearm and you should simply shoot Brian here in the foot twice.” 

          I don’t want to test her, so I start to get up enough mental fortitude and solidarity to get it done yet I would not like to consider the possibility that Brian seeps out and bites the dust. 

         As I hear my mom say softly “on the off chance that he bites the dust less games we need to play” 

        “ALLIE!”My mom shouts “are you going to shoot his foot or not because I can simply feel free to execute him for you.”

        I could see Brian expressing into my eyes trusting I wouldn’t cause him to endure yet I needed to. I was unable to let my mom slaughter me or him, so I pulled the trigger, my hands were unstable, my palms were sweat-soaked and I was anxious everything I could hear was a bang.

        Brian was shouting begging me to stop. What’s more, my mom was toward the side of the room chuckling generally like this was so clever. 

       At that point I pulled the trigger again once and for all and everything I could see was a puddle of blood filling in his feet between his toes. 

I was crying so hard I was unable to trust I simply shot Brian all my mom was doing was applauding saying how glad for me she was. 

       I was unable to accept what I had done.

                          Chapter Three:

       After a couple of hours had gone by, Brian & I awaken after ending the first challenge, whatever that means. Eventually, Brian finally stops bleeding. Him and I both look around and suddenly notice we’re not in the same room.

        “What is this? Some sort of game your mother likes to play-,” says Brian right before Mother Karol interrupts with her evil witch laugh. 

         “Of course it’s a game, silly.” She smirks and then pulls out her gun and Brian and I sit back. “You lose you die, you win.., well, you won’t,” she finishes.

          I look around the room trying to find my escape and it seems almost impossible. 

          “See what you’re doing darling, that’s the game, find your escape. Though, you both are as dumb as can be and will never find it.” 

           “You’re the only dumb one here,” Brian shouts to her as she points the gun directly at his skull.

           “I’d advise you to use your words kindly and carefully,” Mother says. 

            She left us in the dark room for several hours. All you could hear is the clock ticking. 

            “How are we gonna make it out of here Allie?” Brian asked. 

            “I have no idea, Brian I’m scared I don’t even know where to start with an escape I-,” I panicked.

            “Okay, what’s something about you that your mother likes?” asks Brian. 

            “If she liked me we wouldn’t be here, but, she has a thing for cats.” I say back to him.

             We both then looked over to the cat statue to see if this was something that we could use to help us. On the inside of the cat’s ear, we found a key. We both were handcuffed and tested the key on ourselves. 

             The lock clicked, and we were free. We both ran back to the statue to see what else we could find. Brian picks it up and throws it to see if it’d break and sure enough, it did. We both walk towards the bits and pieces to see what was on the inside. Just like Mother Karol, we now also had a gun. Two can play at this game.

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