Dirt Roads

In the dirt roads, a little small town will the population just under 1,000.  There was a boy who wanted to escape this town. He wanted to go to the city to be free an act however he would like. But there was a problem, he was stuck in the town by a promise he made to his father. His father was a firefighter the most respected one in the little town. Despite wanting to leave so bad he decided to stay with his mother and two younger sisters. He was influenced by their joy and happiness in their life. He wanted to be more like them. He became more confident and decided he wanted to be a firefighter like his father to respect him. Then one day it hit him his father did everything for him and his family. Later that week there was a huge fire. A fire that could take over the entire city if not stopped. So the now grown man had to do something. At that moment he was courageous, at that moment he was brave he decided he would fight through this hard time to do this for his father and his family and stop the fire. The flames were so big and so hot you to use every last bit of energy he had, but finally, the fire stopped. There is so much damage everywhere. But  no one was hurt. All thanks to the little boy that made a promise to his dad. 

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