In a small town called yoorana, where only small misdemeanors take place.. On this one night this town will never be the same. It will cause the whole world to become imbalanced.    

  CRACK! The loud sound as tombstones crack open with people crawling out of them. They’re not zombies… their regular people! They appear to be confused, they don’t know who they are or where they are and they’re naked. The police and the town doctor get to the cemetery to get the frightened people and take them back to the clinic, to get checked out and figure out who they are. They get to the clinic, they freshen up and the doctor gives them clothes to put on. After they get checked out, the Police officer James and the doctor Mellisa question them to see if they remember anything, in the midst of that James sees his dead wife, Kate.  She’s one of the people that were rescued out of the cemetery.  His wife died of leukemia three years ago, he started to cry… “WHAT?!!, This can’t be…. IT CAN’T. SHE DIED THREE YEARS AGO.” Kate, she starts to remember things about herself. She’s married, her name’s Kate, She remembers james! 

So then James, Kate and Melissa try’s to get everybody else to find things that they remember. Not all of them speak English and some of them were murdered. So then one of the people her name was Anna , she remembered a name which was Anna …. she remembered she had a daughter which was deceased as well but her daughter didn’t come back, she can’t remember just how she died. So then one of them ran off and while officer James finds him and try’s to drive him back to his family he remembers, his eyes ends of bleeding and he turns into ashes trying to leave the city of yoorana ……. TO BE CONTINUED  

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