Doll Face

It was the day of Halloween and everyone is on tilt. Every year on the night of Halloween a group of kids  went missing and would be found the next day only hours into morning dead. Some years it would be small groups, other years the group would be big. One year they were found in front of the town’s museum, another year they were found on a park bench, in a boat out in the middle of the small lake, sitting on the sidewalk, on the playground, but no matter the place in which they were found one thing was always the same. They were dressed up in doll clothes and a tea cup placed in everyone’s hand to make it look almost as if they were having a tea party from beyond the grave. The killer’s signature name was Doll Face because he would always put a doll mask on each of his victims faces. This year would be no different, a group of kids would go missing tonight and be found tomorrow late into the festive night.

“I don’t want to go to Stephen’s party.” Will said with a wine.

“Why dude, we’re finally old enough to go. We’re fifteen, we can go to the big kid parties now. I’m sick of the little kid parties man. Do you remember what happened last year? The most exciting thing to happen at that party was that we got cans of coke instead of 

Capri Suns.” Jack said.

“Every year Doll Face kills a group of kids. It is always a group of kids around our age at someone’s Halloween party.” Will exclaimed, “So I’m sorry if I don’t want to get our friends, myself included killed!”

“Seriously dude, Doll Face hasn’t killed anyone in ten years and even if he decided to come back this year, what are the chances that out of all the people that go to his party tonight that Doll Face will kill us.”

“I don’t know, but I don’t wanna take that chance.”

“Common man. Please, Jessica and Maddie are going to be there.”

“Ugh, fine but only to make sure our friends are safe and make it back home okay.” 

“Sweet man, this is gonna be the best night of our lives.”

It was in fact the best night of their lives, they even made plans to meet to go get Starbucks in front of the library. And when the next morning, Will, Jack, Jessica, and Maddie were sitting on the library steps but they did not have a Starbucks coffee in their hands but the dreaded signature tea cup and doll masks on their faces.

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