Drive By

I looked out my window
As we were driving through the town
And I saw so many faces, so many stories
People with passion in their eyes
And people who were still finding that spark
I saw doctors and nurses returning home for the first time in days
And students trying to finish their school day from home
Nothing the same as it used to be
I saw teachers educating the next generation through screens
And grandparents waiting alone so that they could see their families
I saw people who were fighting battles alone
And people who could only cheer on those battles from six feet away
I saw businesses who were afraid of how long this would last
And grocery store employees wondering what was next
I saw so much despair and so much fear
A world that had fallen apart and was just trying to piece itself back together
But as I looked out my window
I could see the beginnings of hope and start of something better than before

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