Daniel’s P.O.V:

I opened my eyes slowly., I could barely open my left eye because it was so swollen. The room was pitch black. The only light in the room was from the broken flickering light bulb on the ceiling. I looked down and I see chains that were cutting my wrist. My body ached. There were bruises all over my body. My clothes were ripped and dirty. I looked down to find my feet being chained as well. 

“Where am I” I thought. “Why can’t I remember anything”. 

These thoughts ran through my head faster than you could imagine. I took a deep breath, looking around the room I see an unconscious woman laying on the floor five feet away from me. I begin to panic. My chest tenses up and the air starts to become thicker. My first thought after that was just to scream. I let out, what I thought was the loudest scream ever. In reality it was not loud at all. Although it did awake the unconscious woman laying on the floor. I didn’t know who she was but she had fair skin with golden undertones. The next thing I saw was her voluminous brown curly hair. She looked so skinny. Around 100 pounds.

Alana’s P.O.V:

“AHHH” The scream that awoke me. It came from the boy to the right of me. I attempted to get up from the cold hard floors. But the pain and soreness prevented me from that. I see the boy. His face is so pale. With dark brown hair. Almost appearing black without the little light that we had.

“Hello,” Daniel said.

“Where are we?” Alana said.

“I have no idea”

“How do we get out of here”

I didn’t feel the need to respond because if I knew I would have already gotten out. It annoyed me that she asked so many questions so I didn’t answer them. I knew if I didn’t escape now I never will. I take a glance around the room and notice a ring of keys under a shoe. I couldn’t seem to reach the keys.

“Make yourself useful and hand me those keys”

Alana reaches for the keys and stretches as far as she can and grabs them. I couldn’t help but think if it was all a dream.

“Why were the keys so easy to get?”

Alana frantically unlocks the handcuffs being free from being chained. She felt too weak to even stand. I watch her as she crawls toward me unlocking the chains. We are now both free and and planning our escape. There was a back door which was boarded up. I look for something to break open the door. There was dust and old tools everywhere. I pick up a crowbar and break the wood off one by one. I then hear footsteps. I break more off trying to hurry before the person comes back.

“Please hurry” Alana said.

She began to cry the sound of footsteps grew closer and closer. I hear a loud scream. As soon as a turn around I see what looks like a business man grabbing Alana, choking her. I use the crowbar and hit him as hard as I can. He was now unconscious. I go back to the door and break it open. I go check to see if Alana is okay. I bend down and she is fine. I begin to hear ringing, to my left is a phone. I take the phone and Alana and I run out. 

We ran as fast as we could. It looked as if we were in a resort. A security guard was guarding a big beautiful building. I ask him for help and he calls the police. I wondered if I could trust the security guard. He gave me food and water. I look around and Alana is no longer there. Where did she go?

The police came around 5 minutes later. They asked me my name but I couldn’t tell them. I didn’t know myself… I asked them to find Alana. 

“Why don’t we pay attention to you”

They asked me some more questions then the police officer’s partner got off the phone and whispered something to the police officer that was talking to me. They tell me that I’ve been missing from the mental asylum for a week and that I have escaped. I didn’t have access to proper medicine which caused my hilusionations. 

“I hallucinated this whole thing?”

“Yes we are going to take you back now.”

Everything was a blur.

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