His hands felt like a winged serpent’s breath, it blazed as he interacted with my wintry dermis. His eyes were daring as it casted upon my lips. Just as I gazed straight into his onyx eyes, being drawn into his enticing glare, my entire body went numb. I stopped receiving oxygen, my muscles tightened and my gaze became childish. His hands gripped my neck and my entire body was flung into the Manchineel tree. The distorted sky rumbled as my white shirt began to stick on my blanched skin while I battled to discover my balance. I was in torment, there was blood rapidly leaking through the slices I got. I felt the warm fluid hurrying from my head down to my neck while I spat the metallic taste out of my mouth. He suddenly frowned but soon after his eyes once again turned cold and blood-like. Razor-sharp claws grew out of his nails, his teeth sharpened and his skin turned black, the once handsome young man was unrecognizable and hideous. My heartbeat became erratic, and my skin turned so cold it could burn through my flesh. The only thing on my mind was saving myself, so I ran. Not long after, my body weakened, the more I ran the more I began to struggle to find my steps as my head became foggy and my vision clouded. My head began to spin as his laughter echoed throughout the pitch-black forest. He was laughing at my sufferings knowing very well I couldn’t escape so he let me run. I hastened my pace but soon came to a halt as I saw the space that separated the forest, at the bottom of that space was the end I tried to escape from. AAAH! I was startled awake and swiftly held my hand over my heart, sweat was dripping my forehead in forms of droplets, and on my wrist held an enigmatic copious of blood. I released an exasperated sighed as my senses acknowledged the shadow lurking in the corner of my room, he blended in with the inky walls watching my every move. Like greased lightning, the monster of my dreams was leaning over me, with his sinister grin and mischievous eyes, he led his malevolent aura. I felt his evil hands that held the blade, slowly glaze over my neck. I availed that for my potential benefit by snatching the weapon from underneath my pillow, at that point flipping him under me, shooting him straightforwardly in the center of his brow, a spout of blood splattered all over. I smirked, as I said “one down two more to go.” For the last time that evening, I closed my eyes and crawled back into the dream as I hurled myself over the edge entering the heavy breathing waters preparing to ruse the next cacodaemon. 

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