Halloween Isn’t Once a Year Anymore

They say Halloween comes once a year for the kids to go door to door saying
“Trick-or-Treat”, a sappy excuse for the human population to dress up as foolish as they want,
and a day to spread fear of ghosts and horrors. But, what if Halloween didn’t just come once a
year? What if Halloween was everyday? You’re in luck if you’re the town’s new serial killer.
Welcome folks, it’s time you met Jerry Williams.
Jerry’s First Kill
It was Halloween of 1976 in Louiville, Jerry was out on a date with a beautiful girl he
met at a college party a week ago. Jerry was handsome, he could snag any women he looked at,
especially Chelsea. She was 102 pounds of drop-dead gorgeous. Literally, drop dead! Jerry took
her out on Halloween to a local pub. They had so many drinks, at least she did. Jerry went to get
her one last drink and on his way back to the table he slipped something into her drink. Chelsea
downed her drink like it was water, little did she know it would be the last drink she will ever
have. About 20 minutes went by and still no effect from the drug Jerry used so Jerry decided to
take her Trick-or-Treating. After a few houses, the drugs finally took effect. As many people
and children saw how Chelsea could barely walk on her. Jerry quickly reassured everyone as he
was walking her to his car “Just a little too much candy for the night”. He pushed her in the
passenger side and quickly got in the driver side. “Chels you up?” he asked. She let out a few
groans but no true reply. He quickly started driving down a highway with Chelsea passed out in
the passenger seat. He stopped when he saw there was barely any traffic and tied and duct-taped
Chelsea’s mouth shut and threw her in the backseat. He then drove back to his house and
murdered her, leaving her head in his meat freezer and her body in a bag to be dumped. Jerry
felt a sensation of happiness as he killed her, one he wanted to fulfill again only next time he
won’t keep her conscious for so long. He dumped her body in a dumpster behind an alley. As he
dumped her body he planned for his next attack.
A Bad Habit
Let’s skip to Thanksgiving shall we, there were currently 20 girls missing, Jerry was
responsible but nobody suspected him. He was this amazing professor that had such a
personality no one could accuse of wrongdoing. However, his meat freezer could say differently.
Jerry kept all 20 heads of his victims in his freezer but one would assume it would fill up, where
would Jerry put the new heads? On Thanksgiving he was dating this new girl, she was blonde
and beautiful but as smart as a rock, her name was Katherine. Katherine was a privileged
schoolgirl who found herself interested in the wrong man. She invited him over for
Thanksgiving to meet her family but Jerry had other intentions. As soon as he walked in he was
offered a home tour. He was intrigued to be able to know his surroundings before he followed
through with his plan. After the tour he asked to use the bathroom, he found the bath
connected to the bedroom of his girlfriends little sister. He went into the room as he waited for
her to come out of the bathroom and as soon as she opened the door he pushed her in and slit
her throat with his knife he kept in his pocket. He threw her back into the tub and ran
downstairs. Seemingly, the night was in his favor once again. The family had a fight with her
sister before he came and didn’t expect to see her for dinner. He then ate dinner as he planned
his next kill and then it happened to lay itself out on the table. Katherine’s dad received an
urgent call at the table, he was needed at the hospital to cover a shift. He quickly ran upstairs to
get dressed after kissing his wife goodbye. Jerry excused himself to use their bathroom. He
watched as Katherine’s father changed his clothes. As he went into the bathroom Jerry snuck
into the closet. When he went into the closet he got his knife ready. As Katherine’s dad walked
in Jerry stabbed him in the stomach and left him to bleed out in the closet. He then heard the
wife coming upstairs. He shut the closet door and hid in the bathroom. When she opened the
door he stabbed her the same way he did to her husband. He then ran down after changing into
something her father owned and told her he wanted to show her something outside. He took
her to the back of the house and killed her and threw her body into the pool. As Jerry left he felt
a cool breeze sweep across his face. He couldn’t wait to do it again.
A Brutal End?
Surprisingly, Jerry made it to New Years scot-free. He had already killed about 80-100
people. Jerry was having the time of his life. However, Jerry didn’t know that one of the
detectives working the case found some evidence from Thanksgiving’s dinner party that
suggested Jerry to be a lead suspect. Jerry had no idea he was being followed much less watched.
On January 13th, 1977 the police showed up to Jerry’s home with a warrant. It was the end of
the line for Jerry once they opened his freezer. Jerry quickly grabbed a gun and shot all the
officers. He grabbed a few things and made a run for it. He fled the country and changed his
name leaving a murder trail everywhere he went. Word has it that he is back in America waiting
for his next victim. Did you locked your doors? Jerry could be watching you.

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