Here lies, me

“Her life is like a wildflower, different…”

I Aimlessly wake up every morning in search of something, anything

It is until now, that she realizes she’s indescribably losing her train of thought

Yes, her mother means the world to her but why can’t she remember her early days?

find an answer.

She’s searching quickly, rapidly for something in her dear mother’s room..

“Ouch, i fell”

“I’m so clumsy…” 

What is that box underneath her bed?

She pulls out this box and her heart breaks 

Newspapers & magazines with.. No it can’t be..

My face

“Missing child”

“Innocent girl goes missing”

A tear fills my eyes as her emotions become masked behind a wall of shock & indescribable hurt.

My heart begins to ache. That picture looked like me… is it?


My mother loves me.

She doesn’t…

This must be a part of my imagination right?

I will not allow myself to cry anymore.

I’m not weak.

Im broken.

I will lie, and lie over & over again-

until my worst nightmare is with the devil himself.

I quickly throw the papers into my pocket & begin to walk

Mother’s not home…

I creaked open the door slowly 

“I heard something” I say as I spot my mother’s vehicle.

I run, avoiding confrontation

Trembling, crying, so many emotions overrun me all at once

I can’t take this anymore

These aren’t the “answers” I was in search of…

Im worthless.

I’ve always loved necklaces, they even made my day brighter as they were always filled with sorrow,

But today i’m trying on a new necklace..

This time it’s made out of rope.

They say every villain origin has a story,

Why haven’t yours been told, Mother?

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