“Ugh stupid alarm” Samantha said and hits the alarm so it can stop ringing. 

    It’s 6 am and you can tell that Amanda is tired of getting up this early. Today is her first day of 10th grade. 

    “Samantha! Get up and come down for breakfast!” Samantha’s mom, Alexa, says. 

    “Coming down mom!” Amanda responds. 

    Samantha gets out of bed, changes into a new shirt and pants and heads downstairs. 

    “Are you excited for school?” Amanda’s mom asks.

    “Yeah but not really cause it’s just going to be at home. Mom don’t you think I’m old enough to go out in the real world and go to actual school? I think homeschool is not for me anymore. I’ve been homeschooled my whole life and I want to make friends. I don’t know a single kid my age” Samantha says. 

    “You get an hour of going outside and I think that’s good enough. Samantha, I’m just trying to protect you. There is so many bad people out there” Amanda’s mom says. 

    “But mom I want to meet others. I am turning 15 soon and I just want to enjoy life outside of this house” Samantha said. 


    “WHY? WHY NOT!?!? WHAT’S OUTSIDE THAT YOU’RE SO SCARED FOR ME TO FIND OUT! I go on my computer and see kids living and having fun. Meanwhile I am held host—” Samantha stops and looks at her mom’s eyes turning black. 

    Her mom closes her eyes and says “School is cancelled today. Go back to your room NOW!”. 

    “Mom are you okay?” Samantha asks. 

    “GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW” Samantha’s mom responds, shouting. 

    Samantha goes to her room and is worried about her mom. She starts talking to herself so she can calm down. 

    “She looked so scary. I should’ve just stayed quiet. Maybe I saw wrong and there was nothing wrong with her eyes. She was just crying. She was just crying” Samantha says to herself. 

    Samantha then goes on her laptop and plays some music to calm herself down. 

————————————-14 hours later—————————————

It is now 8pm and Samantha is not supposed to get out of her room after 6pm but obviously Samantha doesn’t care since she puts away her laptop and gets out of her room. She goes to find her mom so she can apologize. She sees the bathroom light is on and heads to the bathroom. 

    “Mom…are you there?” Samantha says as she is walking toward the bathroom. 

    “Are you oka—” Samantha stops at the bathroom and notices her mom is there covering her face with a towel. Samantha thinks her mom is crying. 

    “Mom. Don’t cry. I’m sorry. I just wanted to go out and live life. You have to understand that I am not a little girl anymore” Samantha says this and tries to take the towel out of her moms face. 

    Her mom pushes Samantha’s hand away. Then slowly removes the towel from her face. Samantha looks at her mom with a horrified face as she sees her mom’s face. 

    Samantha’s mom’s face was filled with black veins. Her eyes were pitch black and she had spiky teeth like a shark. She then turns slowly toward Samantha. 

    “if I can’t keep you in this house then we are going to a place where you can never escape! HAHAHAHAHAHA” Samantha’s mom says this in a dark voice. 

    Samantha was in shock. She couldn’t move. She was stuck. 

    Samantha’s mom then grabs Samantha’s hair and pulls her toward the bathtub. 

    “AHHH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ME?!?!? HELPP” Samantha screams. 

    Samantha’s mom turns into a slime and slowly goes inside the bathtub’s drain dragging Samantha with her. Samantha somehow gets inside the drain with her mom and both disappear.

    The police say Samantha and her mother were never found. The police say Samantha’s mom is not Samantha’s actual mother. Samantha was stolen at the hospital by a random lady who was Samantha’s mom. Samantha’s actual parents were located but were found dead with no eyeballs and their heads cut off and tied to the ceiling fan. 

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