Too many corners of my world haven’t felt like home

Too many plants trying to make room for themselves in windowsills

But they just won’t grow for fear of uprooting themselves

Too many times have I felt alone in my corners of the world

I wish I could find corners within myself to be comforting

But I am not made up of sharp edges

I am made of curves

Hip dips and gapless thighs

I wish I could find a home going within myself

Windows function in a peculiar way

Physical barriers separating you from the world you reside in

But a piece of glass allows for an open imagination

Outside my window

There are worlds and homes I will soon be a part of

There is a home in a society free of a for-profit workforce of people stuck in cages

There is a home where people’s identities s are not criminalized

There is a home where access is prioritized

In the pursuit of equity, accountability and justice for all

There are homes

This is not a utopia but this is a sanctuary

We will bust through the stained glass window of cognitive dissonance

and we will build together as a coalition

the eagles of this nation have been chained down

under the falsehood that this America is for everyone for far too long

Out there past the window

I want us to be able to find refuge

Within ourselves

Within each other

Within the systems structured around us

Let us build homes for each other

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