House Horror

It was ten p.m. and me, and my friends Noah, Alex, and Kris were leaving the skatepark.  I went on my way home in the chilly evening. 

When I opened the door to my house I snuck in because I was two hours past my curfew. It was dark with only moonlight seeping through the windows. I went on up to my bedroom like a sneaky fox. I heard my dog Snuffles yawn while waiting beside my bed and I greeted him with a belly rub as he always liked. 

I went to bed instantaneously but then woke up at twelve a.m. from an odd disturbance. I heard my closet door open with a spooky creaking noise. I got up out of bed bravely to open the door and saw nothing. Then I went back to bed without a second thought. 

When it was morning I woke up refreshed, forgetting what happened last night, and since it was summer break I had a ton of free time. I freshened up in the bathroom to go back to the skatepark with my friends. Then I went by the front door to grab my skateboard but it was gone. I was very puzzled because I remember putting it by the front door last night. Meanwhile my friends Noah, Alex, and Kris were walking to my house because we all lived in the same neighborhood.

When they got to my front door Noah asked, “You ready to skate with us Kent?” 

I replied, “Wait just a moment.” I was still looking for my skateboard and it was really important to me because it was the first thing I bought with my allowance. 

Then Alex asked “You coming?”

I opened the door and told them, “I can’t find my skateboard so I can’t go to the skatepark, sorry guys.”

“It’s ok, you’ll find it soon when you find it call us so we can all go the skatepark together,” Kris said.

“Alright,” I replied.

I was in my house all day looking for that skateboard but never found it. I went back to my room disappointed but found hope because Snuffles was always by me when I felt down.

My mom was preparing dinner when she said, “Kent, it’s time to eat in ten minutes, wash up.” When I heard her I said ok and asked her if she’d seen my skateboard. She said no. 

When dinner was ready my dad, mom, and me ate dinner and watched T.V together, but all throughout I was still wondering where my skateboard was. I went to bed exhausted from looking for my skateboard and disappointed because I let down my friends.

Then that same night I heard another noise, this time it was in the hallway. However this was no ordinary noise it was a creak, a scratch both of which scared me. I crept to the door uncertain what was lurking outside of it and took a deep breath after each slow step. I put my hand on the doorknob with much hesitation. Then I opened the door and saw that the hallway had nothing in it, but when I took a step onto the floor in the hallway the floor panel I stepped on first lit up with a green and purple glow. It looked cool but I was confused why it happened. After that I saw smoke fill up the hallway which brought the colors in unison with it. Then I was spooked. After that a shadowy figure with an eerie voice said, “Join me and we will be great” ten times. At that moment I sprinted with fear. 

While I was running each floor panel lit up green and purple but now with blue. I ran everywhere and since our house was very large I sometimes got lost in it every once in a while, especially at night. I then ran into a room where it was dark and the floor panels didn’t change colors when my feet touched them. I flipped the light switch but the lights didn’t turn on. I was lost in my own home. Then that shadowy figure followed me again, but this time I could notice its features better and it did not even look human. I kept running in rooms and turning on lights but none of them worked.

 I was tired and terrified and wanted to call my parents and just cry, but I thought if I did any of that the scary shadowy figure would surely find me and take me away like it wanted to. Then I recognized the room I was in and it was the kitchen on the second floor. I could also spot a cabinet. Luckily, it was just the right size for me to fit in. 

Then the shadowy figure came into the kitchen. I could see its black outlines in the moonlight from the window through a small hole in the cabinet door. It got really close to the cabinet I was in but passed it. When the shadowy figure left the kitchen I was relieved and got out of the cabinet. Unfortunately, three pots fell out the cabinet above the one I was just in which made a ruckus of noise on the kitchen floor so I ran out the kitchen knowing the shadowy figure would come back. I ran into another hallway which extended to the east side of the house where I saw the rising sun in the window. There was still not enough light for me to know where I was but it helped me navigate better. 

About another fifteen minutes of me running and hiding from the shadowy figure the figure started shrinking away from the sunlight of the rising sun, then it vanished. I was in awe and relief and found my way back to my room, to finally get some rest after a long scary night.


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