How Sean Mcdaniel Became a Star

In March 2004, Sean Mcdaniel turned 16. The problem was he felt like he was 10 due to his rough environment and lack of education. Sean and his family grew up in the downtown area of Atlanta with his 2 sisters, his mom, and his dad. However, Sean’s father was a drug dealer who was always angry and mad about something. He would come home late at night and beat Sean for no particular reason to release his anger. Shawn’s mom was a prostitute who ignored him half the time and would watch Sean’s father beat him. His dad spared his two sisters and singled out Sean because he was the only male. Sean was very close to his sisters, though.  

Sean went to school the next day feeling down, but as if his life needed a change. He started working out every day and saving up money from doing jobs around town. He bought a basketball and went to the park every day to work on his skills. As he kept getting bigger, faster, and stronger, his confidence grew. Basketball became an outlet for him to escape his father’s beatings and find some part of himself he could respect. As he became a better basketball player, scouts awarded him an AAU scholarship to play for a local team, the Atlanta Celtics. When Sean received the scholarship, his family finally started to respect him.

Sean was quickly recognized by coaches and peers to be an exceptional athlete, drawing comparisons of Reggie Miller. He was long, easily agitated, intimidating, and was a crazy great shooter. In only his 3rd game, Sean was incidentally tripped on a drive to the basket and he ruptured tendons in his ankle. The doctors told him he may never play again. 

Sean was devastated. He decided to work on the rest of his body when he was injured and even stood up to his dad one night when he was raging. His mom and sisters were so proud and his dad broke down crying, shameful and remorseful that he had no feelings of worth and was so mean to his own family. This began a healing process for their family and it made Sean feel so powerful that he could do anything now since he stood up for himself and his family and now that was even improving his relationship with his father.

With his new confidence and happiness, Sean continued to work on his game and when his ankle fully healed, he went on to lead the league in scoring and 3-point efficiency. Recruiters from all over the country came to see him play. Sean would have his choice about where to go to school. The future was finally bright after such a dark past. Everything becomes possible when you have the courage to stand up, keep going, and do the right thing.

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