I am not the same

Living in louisville kentucky these past few months you would guess it’s been bad right. No it hasn’t. It’s been the same. We had ice glaze over and the most snow we’ve seen in years. There are areas of louisville. When Breona Taylor died there wasn’t any justice, there were riots. This seems like the best way to many people but it wasn’t. We couldn’t go anywhere past 9pm, we couldn’t go to the favorite places we like because guess what they were torn down. People all across america fought but I just can’t understand. I have my strong opinions and people have there’s but what is everyone calmed down?

People started using the phrase my sexuality is superstright. That’s cool I guess no one asked. But of course this isn’t a fade away thing. Homosexual people, or people of LGBTQ+ have there different opinions of it. That there being made in front of because they believe there being mocked for the different types of gay. But homosexuals are not the only people in LGBTQ+. There are Trans people who have opinions. They believe that gender reveal parties are sexist because you’re assuming that baby’s gender. Other people don’t care because IT’S THERE CHILD.

Next, Gender. GENDER AND SEX ARE NOT THE SAME THING. On earth there are only two genders. Gender is what you have down there. Sex is what you truly identify as. Females want higher pay raises and Male want women to stop being overly dramatic and take it. There are lots of different sexs. But both genders want equality. No stereotypes. But here’s the thing looping back to Trans and gay people. They act like they’re hated. But for example Trans wants to be the other gender so if it was a Trans Female they will start to “act” like a girl. Same vise versa. But then those people criticize gender reveal parties saying it’s sexist. But to educate you for a second sexist means characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, 

Stereotyping. That’s a thing. So here we go to make people mad. If gender reveal parties are sexist. But to be trans you pick up “girl tendencies”. Girl tendencies. What are girl tendencies? Things girls do. Girls are supposed to paint their nails. I don’t. So here’s the issue: a gender stereotype. Yes. sooo you see where the anger is about to come. To become trans you start to have the other gender tendencies. Cough cough stereotypes. SO WHAT IS SEXIST IN THE 21 CENTURY?

Same question what is racist. On the white side it is a thing that black parents taught their children so in every story you’re the villain, you’re always going to be the racist one. No one can be racist to you. But on the black side because of the color of our skin we are forever the “B race”. Everything in life is unfair. Most homes don’t have dads. But open your mind for this one, there are other races. crazy right, it’s not all about the whites vs the blacks. I know you’re struggling to breath. Gasping for air. Okay that’s me just making fun. 

Next question, racial slurs. Nah I’m ignore that one because the first amendment is freedom of speech, and if you try to tell somebody it’s wrong. You’re telling a person who doesn’t care because they called you it anyway, so obviously they knew what they were saying. No reason to fight it. 

There are bombings and kidnappings outside of america. Muslims plea for help, sharing gory videos and pictures on instagram. Wanting the american government to get involved. But it doesn’t. And some Americans scratched their heads wondering what we are supposed to do about it but they share it because they see everyone else doing it. 

Weight. Yes what you weigh. Why should skinny people care about fat people’s shape. I don’t care what anybody weighs, I’m not their personal trainer. It’s the funny part about how when you’re losing a verbal argument you go for weight. Yeah they’re fat and yeah when they sit on you you’re down. KO. not much to say on this topic. 

Depression, anxiety, and other mental diseases. Let’s get this clear. You are not the only person who has feelings. That being said stop saying no one will ever understand your pain. Because that is a selfish statement. There are a countless number of meatal diseases. All you know about is depression, anxiety and eating disorders. We live in an era where everyone is depressed. Where you get sent to the principal’s office for yelling at the teacher and while you’re there a kindergartener says I’m in here because I had drugs. We’re in the era where people have iPhones and social media. So yeah of course everyone’s depressed. That’s why you sit by yourself listening to music because you connect to the song. 

Okay here’s a fun fact. I’m 13 years old, my parents are strict and I can’t watch anything higher than tv-pg. But who needs mature content when everything in the world requires you to be mature. To be understanding and forgiving. I haven’t experienced the real world like an adult yet but I already know it chews you up and spits you out. If you’re not ready then you’re gunned down. I’m about to go to highschool. I don’t actually know which one. But I know that when I’m older I want to be a writer, journalist, even broadcaster. But go ahead ask me if I got up everyday and went outside and put up hops dunked on my brother, just so I can go write about sports rather than playing them. 

I didn’t want to be a basketball player but if you didn’t catch it I’m a girl. I could work a mycareer story up to the WNBA. But guess what I want a house, and a family, one baby boy, a husband. So I want to put money away for my family, and not struggle to make ends meet. I could go play for the WNBA because it’s my dream. But Lebron James’ salary makes more than the whole salary of everybody in the WNBA.  

I know dreams die in the real world. I wish I didn’t. I wish i could be one of those children who believe in their dreams. Who are oblivious to what happens if you don’t make ends meet. But this is life, this is what’s out my window, my small crooked window, where the blinds are broken and there are different streets outside.  But the same people who wear hoods and labels are not begging to have change of anything.

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