I am strong

I am strong

But can’t let you go

I am strong

But sometimes I just don’t know 

Wished that I could

Have been right there

Wishin’ that I would

But I was not near

I am strong

But now your time has come

What’s next

What is there to be done

I will try to be the best

To hold onto you

Because I am strong

For you heaven is safe

But for me i’m in space

Don’t wanna let you go

As time goes

You are my light

But as the might blows

There is somethin’ to fright

I am strong 

For I’ll be waiting for you

I am strong 

But I wanna be right there with you

No time to say 

My goodbyes 

Never knowing if it 

Would be alright

To say my goodbyes 

But for you my dear grandfather

I will try

I will try hard

Hard enough to make you happy

Now that you are in heaven

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna turn back around

You were my light

But where are you

You were my happiness

But I can’t see you

You were my best friend

But I can’t hug you

Being strong is kinda tough

But you not being there

is even rough

But believing in myself 

I am just stronger

I will hold you in my thought 

no matter what

No doubt about it

I might be rough

Here I am again

And again

Strong I am 

Yes I am 

I am strong

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