I Wonder

speaks the same way.
The same voice
all over again.

I love u.
You love me.
What else matters
In this lonely sea?

Where ships left
invisible footprints,
I wonder can you still
feel and touch him.
They saywhere fire burns
ashes remain.

1430 miles.
Do we know what we're doing? 
Are we too young to be doing,
to be pulling
strings in our hearts?
We say distance is overrated.
I say words are overrated.
My love,
what do u truly say?

Bees emerge from honeycomb.
I emerge from the hair u comb,
the roots that attach 
beauty and wit.
In the sad remains
of bones and ashes
we'll still live
mending our heartache.

I write for you.
I write you.
I write us.
I wonder,
do you want me to write you?
Do you want me to write in you?
Love of lifes,
life of loves,
I've got a phoenix feather
that can destroy time
and erase the stars
between our nights.
I wonder.

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