Innovator of the Past

It was an unusually boring Friday night. I was all alone at home and had nothing to do. Suddenly, my laptop’s screen went blank and my room’s lights went out. There was utter darkness. Then, a faint white glow appeared. The glow kept growing to the point where it illuminated my entire room. It was coming from outside the window. Before I had a chance to react, I was knocked out.

It was When I woke up, the glow was gone and my room’s lights were turned on again. However, mylaptop wasn’t on my table and my room looked completely different. I picked up what looked like a marble ball from my table. I didn’t remember it being there before. A few seconds later, it changed shape like it was melting and then disappeared. Before I could make sense of what was happening to me, I saw a huge missile fly through my window and hit me directly. There was now a crater where my house once was. I, however, was alive. It made no sense to me, even that missile hitting my chest at that speed should’ve killed me, but here I was. As I got up, I saw how the sky was red with jets flying in every direction and no sign of any birds. Everything around me was dull and the city looked deserted. A drone flew near me and a computerized voice from within it said, “Temporal disturbance detected! Illegal time travel technology has been used! Robo-atoms detected!” Then, a more human voice from within it said, “Surrender the robo-atoms or be destroyed.” I told him that I had no idea what he was talking about but I watched in horror as the drone prepared another missile. This time when the missile was launched, I found myself standing on an elevated surface made of metal. In front of me, a sharp spike of metal had pierced through the drone.

As I was observing the surface I was standing on, I was teleported to what looked like a wooden shack. The shack was filled with computers and weapons. I met two people who introduced themselves as Zack Zayn and Sherman Stemmer. They told me how they were the last rebels fighting against a tyrant named Hex who took over the planet years ago, and how everyone was in hiding. He told me that they were the ones who accidentally got me here due to a time travel accident. They however were very impressed by how I handled myself during that drone attack, commending my use of the robo-atoms. I asked them what the robo-atoms I was hearing of over and over again were and they told me that the robo-atoms were artificial atoms with the power to duplicate and change material and state. What I mistook for a marble ball in my house was actually a controller that gave me mental control over the robo-atoms it contained. The robo-atoms were what saved me from that missile as I subconsciously triggered them. They told me that if Hex got his hands on the robo-atoms, there would be no chance of stopping him. When I offered the robo-atoms back to them so that they could use them against the dictator of their time, they told me how many tried to do so but always failed despite the immense power of the robo-atoms. He told me how people would not think outside the box and would just create weapons that Hex had now learned to defeat. Creativity and ingenuity in people had died with time. They said that nobody had ever used the robo-atoms like I did today, so I offered to help them.

I sparred both of them at once but I watched as all they did was blast me with their guns directly. Now that I knew how to use the robo-atoms, it wasn’t very difficult to defeat them. I had a few other sparring matches with the rebels and had a flawless winning streak before their computer alerted us of a weakness in Hex’s fortress. They said that this was their best opportunity to defeat Hex. Zack and Sherman wanted to go in guns blazing but I insisted on a more subtle approach. I used the robo-atoms to build us all stealth and enhanced climbing suits. We walked up the fortress’ exterior, invisible and undetected. When we reached the floor where Zack and Sherman could see Hex from the window, the rebels blew up the wall and we all entered the building. This is where I got my first look at Hex. He was wearing a full set of metal body armor with a metal hood on his head, hiding his face in a shadow. He fired a blast of green lasers at us from both his palms, but I summoned a shield to protect us all. I created a rope with one end tied to the ceiling and clasped the other end to Hex’s foot, hanging him upside down. Zack acted rationally and started blasting Hex. Sherman joined in and also started blasting the tyrannous ruler uncontrollably. This freed him from my trap and he used telekinesis to smack them both to the ceiling and they fell back down unconscious. I created a wall between us and the crazed dictator and escaped into another room. As Hex destroyed the wall, he got very confused as to where we had gone. As Hex’s room was at the very top of his fortress, it wasn’t very difficult to get from where I was to the roof. I left Zack and Sherman at the roof to keep them safe, and then took advantage of Hex’s blind spot by dropping a chunk of the roof on his head. It wasn’t long before he blew up the chunk after which he grabbed me by the leg and threw me out the window. I survived due to the robo-atoms but as he had caught me off guard, I fainted.

Sherman, on the other hand, got up. At first, he tried to use his weapons but they had all been damaged. What he did next was very clever. He disabled the technology in his armor that didn’t allow drones to detect him and got the attention of a drone. The drone detected him as a hostile and started firing at him. Sherman got Zack out of the way and was successful in dodging the drone’s attacks. As Sherman dodged the drone’s blasts, these blasts blew up Hex’s room instead. Hex’s control panel was destroyed so there was no way for him to stop the drone. Hex tried to fly out of the window but Zack woke up and threw what looked like a grenade at him. This grenade ejected a sticky substance that plastered Hex to the wall. Zack thought of creating this after getting inspired by the unusual tactics used by me during our sparring matches. Due to control panel being destroyed, all of Hex’s drones around the city deactivated and the city was freed. Hex was sent to prison. Zack and Sherman finally perfected their time travel technology and created a time machine for me.

I returned my robo-atoms to them and was glad to know that they now knew how to use them effectively. We said our goodbyes and I was sent back to my own time. I remembered this event as a vague dream, but I knew Zack Zayn and Sherman Stemmer would never forget me. The white glow I saw outside my window took me to an entirely new world to explore and gave me the best day of my life. This extraordinary experience taught me the value of imagination and innovativeness.

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