Jones Creek

“Let’s go guys, it’s time to go,” my sister said. I rushed down stairs with excitement with my hands full trying to juggle food, towels and my backpack. While packing the car I looked at Hayden as I was about to drop everything, he ran up and helped. My arms relaxed, once everything was packed for the day we got in the car for the 45 to hour car ride. The hot seat burned my legs as the AC was cooling my body from the heat. With the windows down blasting music we were getting closer. 

Once we got there we realized it was the wrong place so we all walked back and drove a little bit further. The heat made me exhausted but then we finally arrived! We walk across the creaky bridge with people jumping into the water hearing the loud splash. I run to the edge and look down, “it’s a long way down,” I said as they laughed. Past the bridge and down a muddy hill we put our things down. We had to lay on the bumpy and sharp rocks because there was no place with a flat surface. For the first 20 minutes we all just layed out to get warm. I could feel the sun shining and the heat warming me. I felt the sweat dripping on my back as I got up with Tess and Hayden to go back up to the bridge. Hayden got too scared so he went to the side. Tess jumps from the bridge, so I start to climb over the railing. My heart was racing as I looked down and saw the crystal clear water. I took a deep breath….. and jumped. I felt the freezing cold water. I hit the water and rushed up to take a breath with the cold water shortening my breath. “I did it,” I said, looking at Addie, Hayden and Tess. I swam to the edge and climbed up the rock to get on land and we walked back to our spot to warm up. As time goes by all of us go into the lake and take pictures with Hayden behind the camera. My legs were shaking when taking the picture but right as we were done I walked back to our spot walking on the hot and pointy rocks reaching for my shoes. As the time went by the wind started to pick up and it started to get cold so we packed up and walked back to the car. Packing everything up and getting in the car my sister was driving. She looked at the gas tank 

“oh no”


“we are below the line” panic sets in. I look up the nearest gas station 

“20 miles we can make it” we were all at the edge of our seat but after feeling like forever we made it to the gas station. As the gas is filling up the stress goes down and we get back on the road. 

After a long day of driving, almost running out of gas with no service, swimming, taking pictures, walking but most of all a fun day. We were all so tired so we quickly brought all of our stuff inside and all crashed for the night. Such a fun day and just another great memory in the book. 

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