Jungle Of Gray

What’s outside my window? Outside of my window are people struggling to make it in this jungle of gray. From the hard-working single mothers working day in and day out to support their kids, to the drug dealers on the block with faulty perceptions of success, who are trying to get rich. It’s a place of gray, where things aren’t as simple as black and white. Gray is a mix of black and white, a mix of what is right and of what is wrong. Here, if you do what is wrong you struggle, and if you do what is right you still struggle because, in this gray, sometimes living within the borders of what is considered “just”, isn’t enough. It’s survival of the fittest, as a jungle is, but yet in this jungle of gray, you’ll find light in the people. From the older Spanish women who ask you how you’re doing despite not being entirely okay themselves, to the old heads giving advice to those who are younger, in hopes that they’ll diverge from making the same mistakes they’ve made. It’s a place with people that society categorizes and generalizes, but through their stories of individuality and uniqueness, you’ll find that they couldn’t be more different. You’ll find people who have converged in this gray because of similar circumstances, but this gray couldn’t be more diverse with stories and experiences of those from all walks of life. The people that inhabit this gray are deeper than what they appear to be and are much like my window, on the outside it seems rough, average, and cold but the inside is filled with colorfulness, personality, and warmth. So what is outside of my window? Outside of my window is the most peculiar hue of gray, that beyond its layers of dullness and gloom is the most beautiful color, indescribable by words, that you’ll see but only if you really look. 

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