Kansas City Window (My Side)

People die everyday and we make it seem like its for the better, Black lives matter is what we scream but it aint no way we’ll ever come together 

We get angry when the whites kill blacks, not saying we’re not supposed to but how can we ever feel so angry when us blacks kill each other to 

Over drugs , over money ,even over baby mommas ain’t that funny, it aint even sonny but I bet you if it rain you see people running,

People come from struggle and people come from success but everybody doesn’t have an equal childhood so it’s time we all get blessed.

People shed tears and people share love, people share pain and people give hugs, we walk away and never give up so I think it’s time we dont put our hands up!

It’s time for love and it’s time for us to care but nobody thinks what happens to the welfare, the hearts are full of evil and angry so killing people is supposed to make it better 

People laugh at the struggle but its not funny when you get a call at 1 am saying your son is in a puddle.. a puddle of blood that makes you think “oh god why did this happen to my son”

This is real life so looking out the window of KC u might have to pay a price, you might get the good view u might get the bad so I feel like I should tell you to hold yo bag. 

This is how Kansas City lives so maybe you can come sit down with me and see how it all ends, does it end with a protest or does it end with a note left.

I guess we’ll see , we might end up with a vote left

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