La Reine Phantom

She thought her boss had made a deal with someone about her. All she could say was, “That sounded like a very -um lovely man.” “Yeah I know right”. He said this in a voice that made it where anyone could tell he was sarcastic, he continued to speak, ‘Oh, and um thanks for all your hard work um you can go home now.” right when she heard that she felt a sudden concern. The money she was making that job was most of the money she usually earned. She walked out of that room and she felt everyone knew she was more aware of how much she had and how much she could lose. The thing is she had lost it all she knew she could get through it, she knew she was strong enough, the only difference is this time she had more to lose. “OH MY GOSH! Are you alright please tell me you aren’t outside right now!!” her friend was frantic and worried, “ HELLO!!! ARE YOU THERE!?”“ Oh umm yeah I am here what’s all this about?” ,Arizona wasn’t very concerned. People in this small town are known to worry. “Arizona turn on the news now you need to see this”“ Okay, fine I turned on the news now—-” Arizona saw the things going on in this small town.The town had a small news feed but this made all the news channels. She turned up the volume of the TV and listened closely, “ Breaking news the small town of Stratton has one flood, and one tsunami coming its way, yes you heard me not one natural disaster , but two. The flood hit at 5:04 this morning. It is 1 foot of Arizona was at a point in her life where she was at the most she had ever had, but she still wanted more. Most people call this greed, Avarice, cupidity, voracity, and many more names but Arizona didn’t know what to call it she didn’t want it for herself, she wanted to do it for her father, her cousin and every person that thought they couldn’t get out of this little town. She wanted to help others, she didn’t want to let others be alone in what they felt. She needed to find another job. She wanted a job that paid more money. She decided to walk around the town before she went home, she walked for a while. Looking in every window to see a sign for a job. She saw a few and wrote them down in her miniature notebook. The next day Arizona got ready in her beast outfit. She had already had coffee and a pastry for breakfast and was just about to go outside to go to the job offers when she got an urgent call from a friend. The warm breeze of an early Sunday morning starts to dry dewdrops in the garden. In a small town called Stratton, Vermont lived a young lady named Arizona. Arizona loved her garden, she loved it almost as much as she loved her little town. She lived in a cabin not too far from the town that she adored so much. She hoped one day she could save up enough money to buy back the land her father once owned. The only problem was the town she lived in was too small to make any big profits. She had been thinking for years about how she shouldn’t have given away the land to her cousin. She knew her cousin had debt and needed to pay, but she did not think he would sell the land and use the money. Arizona didn’t realize she had been out gardening for so long, and it was already time for work. Arizona managed to handle four jobs. She worked for a supermarket called Bob’s supermarket in the mornings, then she went over to be a waitress at a Café. The second to last is at four in the afternoon when she leaves to wash dogs, and finally she is a night guard for the town bank. She doesn’t think she can fit in any more jobs and has almost lost hope to make enough money. Once she arrived at work she went in and everyone one was watching her, she started to become more and more uncomfortable. She just finished cleaning the floors and was about to start washing the windows. But right then her boss started talking over the store speakerphone, “Arizona please come to the office… I repeat Arizona please come to the office.” She started her way to the back of the store when a coworker named Ben stopped her and in a country accent said, “ Well hey there Arizona,umm the boss talked to me already and there is something you might not want to hear.” He was talking in such a nervous voice she started to get nervous.She replied with, “what is it Ben?”  “Well the boss was saying…”,he hesitated as he spoke.“What was he saying Ben?” ,she was becoming worried. “The boss sold the shop,” he was not as nervous, but you could tell there was more, “and he is laying off everybody.” he was relieved but, Arizona, no she was speechless. She had worked with that job for two years and was the employee of the month over twelve times. She continued walking to the back room to see her boss. She knocked on the door three times and heard a nervous voice say, “Come in.” she felt nervous, she still didn’t know what to say or even if she should say something.

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