Learning Death

D’marques wakes up anxious before the day has a chance to even start, because he knows what his repetitive weekday schedule that he has practiced for two years now has in store for him. Starting his day off by getting ready as if he was a normal high school student; brushing his teeth, washing his face, finding clothes to put on for the day, and making himself a breakfast sandwich before leaving. This peaceful reality is quickly  shattered as he enters the eerie terror filled , yet surprisingly normal looking building named Kenwood academy that he calls school. Knowing better than to judge this particular book by its cover. He has music class first period and arrives  10 minutes before the bell, with the fear of knowing what will happen if tardy fueling his motivation. Although all the students know the price of missing a single minute of class there are still those who still somehow manage to come in late. D’marques wanted nothing more than a normal morning however a freshman not yet knowing the rules of the prison they are kept in ravaging those plans. Seeing the kid walk in after the bell, as a junior D’marques already knew the events that would transpire soon after. The underclassman walks in with a Starbucks drink and a tardy slip expecting nothing more than perhaps a harsh scolding from the teacher not knowing the hellish punishment they have brought upon themselves. D’marques knew that In the front of every classroom in Kenwood there lies a stump and in front of it a retracting claw; it had razor sharp teeth that dug into your neck with the force of a lion’s jaw and was soaked in the blood of foolish children who dared to define the ones that ran the school. The teacher excitingly urged the student to lie on said stump, to which the student confusingly complied, thinking perhaps this was a weird joke the teacher was doing, however D’marques knew this was far from a joke and could do nothing to help the student without subjecting himself to the same hell. The student torso was then strapped to the bloody stained stump and the claw machine raised from beneath the floor. At that moment D’marques could tell every emotion that was in the student’s eyes, for he has seen the full spectrum of emotions that a human can have because of the stump. As the claw got closer to the student’s head he could see many of them right then and there; he saw confusion, anger, regret, sorrowfulness, and the most common one of all doubtfulness, as if all the students to ever touch the stump thought that they were just having a bad nightmare and would wake up any moment. The claw made sure to bring them back to reality, always. The claw slowly inched towards the student, and with the pull of a level from the teacher, the claw clamped down on the students neck digging into anything in the way until it met the other teeth in the other side of the students neck. Screams that could wake god from his slumber were heard throughout the school and echoed within the halls, however that was not the worst part as the teachers pulls the lever again the claw slowly retracts tearing the flesh that was previously the students neck, the screams come to a screeching stop as the students esophagus is torn open creating a squirting leak of blood that pools at the bottom of the stump. The teacher then puts the machine back into the floor and calls for the lunch ladies to retrieve the body who also takes the Starbucks drink the student paid for with their life. Other students first time viewing the ratchet scene lose their breakfast, however D’marques has no problem with this. Where his problem lies is with the twisted faculty who not only happily enforces this punishment but also get joy from witnessing it. He went through school as normally for the rest of the time never being able to get the screams out of the back of his head but did his best to pay attention so his grades would not fall and become the next victim. However the next day something interesting happens that D’marques did not expect. A childhood friend had a late enrollment into Kenwood had happened to fill the newly vacant seat that was in his first period. Her name was Loti, and just like the student that filled her seat before she had made a mistake that was clearly in violation of the classroom rules and began to eat in class. The teacher started to jump for joy when she caught Loti. Loti confused she turned to D’marques for some type of clue to what was about to happen, but saw nothing but emptiness and despair on his face for he knew all too well. Seeing as the stump was just freshly painted yesterday Loti was more reluctant to go to the stump and refuse to do so when the teacher commanded her. The angered teacher decided to make Loti comply, but D’marques not wanting to view a horrid scene made of his childhood friend he decides to take matters within his own hands and bash the teacher with his chair. The whole class stunted at the actions seeing as no one dared go against the teacher D’marques, while still stunted himself, snaps back into reality and finishes the job of eliminating the teacher knowing if she was left alive there would be hell to pay. He then takes the teacher to the very machine she loved so much, which then brought her to her doom; imitating the many students’ lives she took out her life comes to a screeching halt. D’marques, not knowing how his actions will change the future, decides to bring all faculty members to the same fate as his music teachers, not regretting anything.

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