Maybe It’s Not So Bad After All

The teacher is droning on 

From the other side of the screen

I took a glance outside my window

The blue sky covered with clouds

Trees with withered leaves

Grass hidden under the snow

That’s what I see

There’s an exam next Monday

Only three days after today

Outside my window, behind the glass

A bluebird flying far away

A man is passing by

As the sun gets covered by clouds

That’s what I see

Why do I have to study?

What’s the point of being remote?

If I had a choice, 

I’d rather be IN school. 

But let me pull my notes out anyway

And study

Who knows what might happen?

It’s now time to take the exam

A pencil and eraser too

Beyond the glass barrier nearby

I took a glimpse and see

A flower blooming in the garden

Laughing kids strolling by

And a bird chirping

Right outside my window

Maybe I might just pass that exam. 

Maybe I might even do better than I thought

Maybe remote school is not so bad after all

Despite talking to teachers and friends

From the other side of the screen

We are all just one window away. 

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