My Bubble

At a glance this view through the glass is perfection

Dew gracing the tips of the leaves and sunlight dappling the ground

My home is something of a bubble

Fragile and poppable at a moments notice but also surrounding it being my only visible reality

Outside my window, though I don’t see it, chaos rolls like waves in a storm

Wars between peoples that have been raging but new wood have been thrown in the fire

Our only orders are to stay home though that’s the last thing I want to do

There are too many causes for this rebel

The news brings more scenes to the back of mymind 

but all I can see is comfort

What a privilege to be able to rest for a moment even amongst so many wrongs

This mix of opposites spins my head

Heavy on my heart the people lost 

The fear seeps in from unseen but present demons

A clutch of keys, a raise of a fist, another funeral 

Little reminders of the current reality

Even though we are all human with beautiful intersection some people need a reminder

One we did not think we would need to make

It’s just a scarf. a rainbow, a religion, a mask

Why choose hate when love is an option

I see all of these things through my little peephole 

This little space some don’t have the luxury to have

I will leave mine and embrace the discomfort

This generation will do things differently

Joining the fight is the only option because staying back is part of the problem

My bubble gone but never forgotten

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