My Side Is Different

I wish the people could see the beauty in imperfections. ‘Your too short “”your to fat “”your too dark”no, I’m beautiful. Im unique. The world is so hard on everyone, having this set image on how everyone is supposed to look, kinda like a uniform. You’re supposed to have an hourglass shape, be 5’4 and have an ivory skin tone. We constantly wonder if we are enough, but acceptance will be our greatest downfall. We want to be accepted instead of talked about but we fail to realize that someone and somewhere we’ll always have a negative outlook on something so we just have to live for us. The color of my skin shouldn’t make me hated, black is just as beautiful as white. The people who can’t see color are the most racist and most loved. If you can’t see color then you can’t see the full picture and that’s seeing an innocent black person getting shot down, convicted and beaten by a white man one after another after another and then being afraid that I will be next . We need to stand together and fight back, and I know you are not supposed to fight fire with fire but we need to turn up the flame some. It’s too many families grieving over the loss of their children all because he or she was different. If we could just see the beauty and stop the hate the world would be so much better. 

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