My Up’s and Down’s With Childhood Brain Cancer

When I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with Brain cancer, scary huh..

I had to go through all of these chemo treatments and experience lots of medicines I was allergic to and some that did help me feel better. My mom and dad took care of me when I was going through this terrible time.I had the total of six surgeries! 5 on my head and one on my back. Also I had a feeding tube  that I had to get fed through to stay alive. I had to get my medicine through there and all of my Nutrition Through there because I couldn’t eat anything by mouth. For 5 years I had to get chemo treatments.I had to be in the hospital for a long time on and off. Before that and a little after being in the hospital I had to relearn how to walk with a walker and relearn to sit up,use my neck/head. I remember the longest time I was in the hospital was 3 months and that was also during the time I was learning how to walk. the doctors said that i wouldn’t wake it into kindergarten:(. when i was 8 years old i went into the hospital for my back surgery, i was put on new medicine in the meantime when i was there, the doctors and my mom,dad found out i was but into an induced coma and i couldn’t talk and i just remember staring at the ceiling all the time. I have now been in remission for 8 years and I will always celebrate April 30th because that is the day that I was all better. I go for a MRI every year to see if my tumor has grown or shrunk or stayed the same. if it stays the same or shrunk that is good, but if it grows then that is bad and i have to go back to chemo. i remind myself each and everyday of what the doctors said, and i said..”they were wrong… i am right! i am in 8th grade and i am strong.”  this is how i am unique! 🙂

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