I sit and watch, under the pool house,

As the dock spreads out over the water.

Across the water I can see my city,

And having a time to my left are the neighbors.

I throw bait in the water but really want money,

Oh with that I’d buy such a cute puppy.

I’m so grateful I finally got me a puppy,

One I can play with all over the house-

I would’ve said yes to any amount of money.

I’m trying to train her to swim in the water,

But I really don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

I think I’ll just take her to a public pool in the city.

I find so much hardship in the heart of my city,

No owners around, only a starving puppy.

People carrying knives because they don’t trust their neighbors,

No music playing, only shouts from the house.

These people so broken, willing to kill for some water,

But they can’t even find it, they don’t have the money.

I just finished golfing, good thing it didn’t cost any money

Because I’m a member, one of few in my city.

I’m on the par 3 and just shanked it in the water,

I need to man up, hit the ball, and stop acting like a puppy.

“Better not do that again”, I tell myself, “Or you’ll hit that house!”

As if they heard me, out of the house come the neighbors.

I just rented such a geek movie, starring Seth Rogen called Neighbors,

It’s only $2.99 to rent, it’s really not a lot of money.

It’s about this new couple, they move into this new house

That’s in a totally different part of the city.

I won’t spoil it but Zac Efron, Seth Rogen’s neighbor, buys a new puppy,

And this happens right before the party scene where the midget jumps in the water!

Dad, why the hell would you move here we’re literally surrounded by water-

Not to mention I’m looking for miles and still see no neighbors.

You’re not gonna change my mind on this, even if you bought me a puppy,

And don’t even think about persuading me with money.

Listen Dad, I wanna get the hell out of this city

And I wanna move. Right now. To a brand new house.

Watching Seth Rogen with my puppy, I realize it wasn’t about the money.

But I’ve got a pad on the water, no stress thanks to no wife and no neighbors.

I’m just happy to get away from the knives of the city and relax in this house.

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