nothingness of the sky

green, the green of the trees surrounding for miles the trees i used to run around and play in. a field the field i now lay in and stare into the nothingness of the sky, the clouds and  the stars that bring me to a sense of peace, a place i could lay and stare for hours with only the only noise of a birds songs and breaking branches. now all i can think about as i stare into the nothingness of the sky is the memories of a house where my family of seven used to live, my four sisters, our parents and our dog who would run into this field i now i lay in as we threw him sticks and yelled fetch, the dirt road we biked down where i scraped and bruised my knees all summer the apple trees and garden that brought me such pride knowing i had grown something from nothing. now there’s only 4 of us in our 6 bedroom house my dad and oldest sister moved away and took our dog. so no more throwing sticks or biking down the dirt driveway, no more gardens or apples. i can’t do the things that once brought me so much joy with the only cause of the people that made them most enjoyable and freeing are gone, they left with their smiles and their love, left me broken and hurt with permanent bleeding scars. at least i can still lay in my field and stare into the nothingness of the sky, oh wait the memories.

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