on the other side

the bread on the street

the birds on the street

the blue cars lined up 

it’s a w e d n e s d a y

it’s street cleaning day

the cars all humped 


like gums under chairs 


can’t jump.

and now it’s f r i d a y

the cars say hi to me

and it’s 

once again:

from the same side.

cuz that’s how outside my window goes

cuz that’s how outside my window goes

wait there’s more!

the western union sign

and the check cashed

pay all utilities

that’s what they say

but seeing the doors open and close

i know more!

the neon light

hanging from the door

every night 

waits to remind me of my chemistry homework

as life they say is unpredictable

i’ve seen it through my window

moved to Brooklyn in 2011

and the same window I see everything through

there was a 

t i m e 

when the cars flew by

one car a hour 

outside the window 

was a dream

and time rolled by

as 2 cars a minute became 

r e a l i t y

trying to sleep

but the ambulance honking

makes me wee

look out my window 

the one that sees it all

the building across the street

that never opens its door

has a police 

knocking on its door

i see my neighbor

going into the ambulance

you never know what’s going on in someone’s life

as i have learned

from my window

and then it comes down to the Kensington Triangle

where the green grass

gets covered 

with brown snow

well, maybe it’s not snow afterall

for my window is not yet

a master on

oh no 

it’s windy

but how do i know?

the wire waddles like penguins

the tree branches pretend to break

the leaves are flying like airplanes

who show me this

you may ask

it’s outside my window

for your kind info 

i quickly open the door


my mom is down the block

my dad parked his car

my sister is back from her walk

as i see it all

through the call of my window

well what’s more?

the everynight fighting

between the people who live across the street

the man is drunk

his mom is mad

his sister is red

a n d

the cops add

and now my window tells me

my peaceful sleep is far beneath

let me tell you what’s more!

the dog is wailing

like the toddler next door

i stare out the window

u n t i l 

it leaves.

my window saves me from 

my fear

of dogs


the child fell

from the bike

mom’s not near

nor is dad

but i’m here 

on the other side 

of the window
“it’s a full moon” my dad says soon

“where,” i ask

it’s outside


w i n d o w

but i have one grunge

my window

which shows it all

from the ground to the sky

never shows me the moon of Shawal

ramadan comes to an end

and we need the moon to know when eid will tend

but my window says no

and just pretends

but if that is taken out

my window

through my window

the sky shines

the clouds shy

the sun lies

the rain hides

and sometimes

the window reveals 

it had snowed last night

my window



w i n d o w

it is my tiny

w o r l d

my neighborhood i see


a stained glass piece

for my window 


m i n e

in the brightest time


the worst


showing me 

my tiny world


t h e 

o t h e r 

s i d e

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