our last summer

I remember our last summer. We sat on my bed bored. Sat on the floor bored. We stared at my
ceiling with nothing to do than stare out the window. we look out my window to see a body of
water, a lake. We notice as it got warmer the pollen covered the lake with its bright
green/yellow hue that made our nose tickle and eyes water. The trees got fuller, the grass got
greener, the sun and flowers brighter. Our spirits lifted and the energy we created around us
was radiant. It was peaceful. Most of our days were spent outside, doing anything and
everything, whatever it was, it was done outside. As we sat on the grass and tried to make out
what animal the clouds were shaped like and imagine what it would be like if animals weren’t
here. Imagine a world with no deer, dogs, cats, butterflies, bees, squirrels, and more, what a dull
world it would be. But at night we would sit there looking at the stars as they lit up the sky. The
moon just shines brighter in summer. The sky sparkles like the sun is reflecting off of a bunch of
broken glass. We sat contemplating life and what we would do and be one day. We didn’t even
know that it might be the last time we could do this for a while. With no clue that next year
would be so different, we smiled, laughed, told jokes, and enjoyed each other’s presence. now
were not going to be together looking at the shimmering sky, but apart. It’s been a year since
we last looked at the stars together, man do I miss it. The world has changed tremendously and
is still changing. It all happened so fast, that our last summer seems like a fever dream. there is
nothing we can do about it right now but, keep our distance and hope one day we get to sit and
look at the stars again. Outside my window. 

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