Outside I See a Fire

Outside my window, I see dierbergs on fire. Smoke in the dark sky. Stars twinkling, looking down at the blazing fire in the grocery store. At least 6 fire trucks light flashing behind the trees. Fresh coat of thick, bright red paint, the fire alarm is going, BAAAAA, BAAAA, BAAAA. Suspense on what happened. Was it an accident, or on purpose? Did someone have something against someone at the store or did they not like their veggies? It turns out, they did do it on purpose. They even started it in the toilet paper aisle. Which is right next to the charcoal and grill fuel aisle. They had to throw out all the food. They couldn’t even donate some of it I don’t think. The next day, everyone talked about it. Dierbergs closed for a few days. The money it costs to replace the foods, and not even be able to be open. People who were in the store when it caught fire, nobody got killed which is good. I don’t even think anybody got hurt. Now, dierbergs is doing great. Everything is repaired and you wouldn’t even know there was a fire. You would only know what happened if you looked outside your window.

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