Outside my Window

Outside my window,

The sun rises in the morning,

The wind blows without warning,

And the trees are reforming,

Outside my window,

I see faces out in the open,

But their masks hide their true emotion,

And their eyes look unspoken,

Outside my window,

Students are waking at the crack of dawn,

Their brains are scattered and gone,

Their knowledge has been withdrawn,

Outside my window,

Mothers are all alone,

Trying to figure out how to make it on their own,

And being broken down until the bone,

Outside my window,

Fathers are growing old,

And don’t have anyone to hold,

And explains why they are so cold,

Outside my window,

Girls are wearing makeup,

Trying to get over breakups,

And no longer wants to wake up,

Outside my window,

Boys are staying out late,

Trying to find a new date,

And hating the girl he once thought was great,

Outside my window,

This is my interpretation,

It could be me, or it could be my imagination,

For no one knows anyone’s situation,

The sun doesn’t always rise,

The wind might not be a surprise,

And the trees might not change in size,

Some people don’t show their faces,

Some people are good at hiding their emotions in places,

And maybe their eyes are outspoken without traces,

Students may wake up late,

Their brains could be in a great state,

And they’re so smart, that they can even debate,

Mothers are completely fine,

Their lives will never decline,

And they will always be on cloud nine,

Fathers could be young and upbeat,

Humming their own songs and making their own beat,

And their life is complete,

Girls are showing how they feel,

And are starting back to heal,

And no longer feel the need to conceal,

Boys are staying in more,

And not all like to go and explore,

And don’t care about their old girls anymore,

Outside my window,

There are things that I don’t know,

And some people have things that they don’t show,

Maybe it is time to start opening these windows,

And letting people within,

Because if you keep your windows closed,

You will never know what goes on outside of them

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