Outside My Window

Outside my window, the flowers dance upon the damp grass as spring blesses the ground with its blissful rains. Outside my window, people pass with their heads down unaware of the beauty that gleams in the sky from the sun that wishes for its rays to be praised. Outside my window, I see various colors, all equal in beauty however different in their own special way. The beautiful palette known as our world is simply colors put together to represent our spirits within, to represent how we feel as well as our personal inner thoughts that cloud our every being. Outside your window you see gray. Outside your window you see soulless figures who sway past without a single glance, a single glance to show that you are there, to show you that you aren’t just a soulless figure. Outside our window we see fear. Believe it or not fear is a color, fear is the color your face goes when you feel your stomach drop and you feel as if you’ve lost control of the storm that sways inside your mind. Your mental window is the window in which you view the world. The problem is the wise man that once said “Life is more successfully looked through a single-window” was wrong. A strong accusation I know but windows bring in light. Windows bring in not only a light that brightens your room but a metaphorical light that brightens your soul. By merely looking through a single-window you are looking through a narrow path with only one destination in mind and as desirable as that may be to some people I believe there is more than the human soul is meant to yearn for. After all, with only one destination in mind, your window only has enough room for you, no one else. Better yet nothing else. No sort of element that’ll play a role in your “grand” plan.  Outside my window, I see gray. But not gray because of the storm inside of me but gray because of the indifference that the people who pass by me experience. I don’t see caring smiles directed towards themselves or others. I just see blank eyes as they follow the narrow path ahead of them. Outside my window, I see fear, fear that gray may be hanging over our heads. Fear shouldn’t be an element we give power to. How many times must we establish that our voices matter despite age, color, or beliefs? Everyone’s voice makes a difference, even if it’s simply saying hi to someone in a friendly manner as they pass through your window unaware as to whether they’re having a rough day or not. Outside my window, I see a species that yearns for peace and understanding, however, falls behind because one out of ten people that see gray spreads their storm until six out of ten see gray. I open my other windows, I give myself a chance to see more than just my front yard. I see my neighbor playing with her little girl, both happy as they celebrate simply being able to play in their front yard. I see a dog sprint through yards, kids laughing as they chase after. I see a runner come to a halt, kneel, and stroke a stray kitty’s fur as they find their new best friend for life. I see simple acts of humanity that show the yellow that could bolden deep down. I feel pink, I feel orange, I feel black, I feel every color possible in my heart as flowers bloom from the smiles that bolden our very definition of life. What is life after all? Is it a goal, a goal that is chased upon through one single window? Or is life more, is life understanding every single possible perspective and finding the better in dark times. The sky is dark until the stars brighten it with its lunar blessings, the tunnel is dark until you find your light. Finding success through one window is keeping a fixed mindset on only one possibility. What’s going to happen when winter comes and your only view is a field of dead trees? Will you turn to another window to find family and friends enjoying their day out in the snow and join them, or will you sit and wish for something that’ll never be. What if within time those trees don’t come back? No one ever said my window is permanent. If I only focused on one window, I wouldn’t see any other color than gray. My Mom sees the world around her for what it is, she sees the beauty because she opens her windows and gives the world a chance to show her that it is good. I want to be my Mom, I want to be exactly like her. I want to lie in a room made of glass so the world may bloom around me as the trees dance with the wind, as the birds hum a sweet tune and as humanity shows us that we are made to lift each other. We are made not only to look through our own windows but to look through each other’s windows as well. Looking through my own window is only the first step to living a successful life. To be successful, all you need is to find happiness through lifting others. If I die finding that I’ve looked through a thousand different people’s windows, then I will consider myself a successful person. Outside my window, I see a thousand more panes of glass. I see a thousand more faces, more bright beautiful souls hoping they can make a difference in which I can guarantee them they will. But to the question, I believe we should be answering, outside our window I see beauty, hope, unity, and most importantly, I see a future of equality for a world that appears to struggle with the concept.

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