Outside My Window

It seems as if it were only yesterday, that I was running around outside on my short stubby legs laughing and giggling as if time would never pass. Now that I’m older things have changed, less running and less laughing, it’s time to be more serious and more focused. I’m not a little girl anymore and I’m not like everyone else, neither is my family. Typically you hear of people who live this idealistic life as if everything is perfect but I don’t live that life. I’m as real as they come. I don’t live in a big house with tons of money, I don’t have fancy clothes or try to keep up with the trends. Instead, I’m just me. Basic and simple and that is what makes me different from everyone else. I live in a small town that hardly anyone knows. No one famous has ever come from it. Most people live in trailers and are stuck in their old ways of living, thinking school isn’t important or needed. Almost all the kids wear the same kind of clothes and all they do is follow trends and try to make themselves like everyone else. Just about everyone here is stuck in horrible generational curses thinking they can never be anything but farmers or something that doesn’t matter. Every wear you go you either see American or rebel flags plastered up against just about anything. Squatted trucks with big wheels and in the midst of all that there’s me. I am a brown-skinned girl with curly hair and long legs. I go to school and I work hard and make good grades. I make myself presentable and wear clothes that make me feel like me. Every day I wear nice clean clothes with elegant patterns and styles on them. Sometimes I feel like I’m from some royal family. Some say I do this just to be different or to get attention but I don’t, dressing fancy just makes me feel like me. It just so happens that there isn’t another like me. I’m the only one of my kind and with that, I have a great responsibility. People come to me for help and I help them. I listen to what people have to say because everyone matters. I have conversations with adults like I am one. They understand me and I understand them. I think I’m here to make people feel like they are wanted and important. I listen and understand and that’s something that most people don’t do. This is what makes me different from everyone else and sometimes I have to remember like Maya Angelou said, “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” and I am that rainbow for others. I send my light and love to everyone and make them feel special. Sometimes it’s hard to always make sure you’re being a rainbow because in all honesty, it’s hard being a rainbow for everyone else when there’s no one beginning a rainbow for you. But then I remember the satisfaction of being a rainbow to someone else is a rainbow in itself. Even though this is just a part of my world. This is truly the life outside of my window. 

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