Finally, it’s your favorite time of the year. This time is truly superior in every way. There is just a unique beauty at the start of Spring in the valley. 

The day begins with lone clouds dispersed in the morning sky. At dawn, their scattered formation is broken by the sun’s golden rays, which drench the valley with light. 

The best view is in the hills. The changing seasons leave the hardwood oak trees naked from the cool winter, while the untamed grass stains the foreground a vibrant green.

Down the hill, you gaze, with many things to ponder upon. You can think about the vibrant grass and naked trees, or the rolling hills they cling onto. Maybe your eyes will catch the line where the grass turns to rock, hill turns to the mountain. Or maybe you will be drawn to the fog that hides the body of the goliath-like range of mountains on the horizon, only exposing the peaks. 

It doesn’t matter what you look at, or what you do. Nothing really matters out here. There is no need to seek anything. . . all you will find is peace.

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