People for Places

Kirkwood, MO, that’s home to me. The train stations, stores, and restaurants are all so familiar to me. I got memories here that aren’t in Florida or Colorado. I know my people, my family, they’re all here. The landmarks hold memories for us. Like the Ice cream Shop by the train station, we use to go there every week, and me and my brothers would get our faces covered in ice cream. Home to me is a place you familiar with, and when you come back, the sidewalks aren’t asking who you are.

Home is also a place where you’re familiar with the faces. When I’m at the beach, I’ll look around and not see any familiar faces,my mom isn’t finding people to talk to for hours, it makes it feel that much different. I see the stores open when my dog’s walking me around. There always seems to be a Granny planting flowers in here front yard. Also this one house where the dogs are always barking.

At home the streets got trees in the middle of the road, they make it feel more like a neighborhood.The numbers on addresses that always start with a one or two, with houses that look new enough not to be old. Kids playing on Razor scooters and playing with chalk that always ends up on your clothes. They make the pavement colorful and happy, The old walkers always look down at it and seem so sad there happy. 

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